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08 June 2020

Law experts on impact of COVID-19

Academics in The Dickson Poon School of Law have been called upon for expert comment and analysis on the implications of COVID-19 for law and society.

A sign warning about coronavirus.

Faculty members have addressed COVID-19 and its unprecedented impact on life as we know it. They have commented on areas of expertise including state aid, environmental law, human rights, unemployment, business and inequality. See the round up below for links to the full articles.

COVID-19 Soft Law: Voluminous, Effective, Legitimate? A Research Agenda

Dr Oana Stefan writes on EU soft law and how the current crisis should be turned into an opportunity for reform of regulatory instruments at the EU level. Read her paper here.

China's response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Professor Eva Pils examines the ways in which China is responding to the global health crisis. Read her article for Verfassungblog.

Will Mandatory Face Masks End the Burqa Bans?

Professor Satvinder Juss comments on 'burqa ban' laws in light of the mandatory use of face masks in a number of European countries. The full article is published in The New York Times

How do we stop an unemployment pandemic?

Dr Ewan McGaughey has written an opinion piece for The Guardian.

Shareholder Stewardship Amidst of Covid-19: The Future of Enforcement

Dr Dionysia Katelouzou has co-authored an article for The Oxford University Business Law blog.

Pandemic Inequality - The two worlds of social distancing

Dr Octávio Luiz Motta Ferraz explores what the pandemic means for the Brazilian poor. Read the full article in The Yale Review.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Limits of International Environmental Law

Dr Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli on what a global health crisis can tell us about international environmental law. Read the full article available on Opinio Juris 

State Aid in the Time of COVID-19

Professor Andrea Biondi examines the EU's initiatives to support its Member States during the pandemic. Read the full article on the EU Law Live website.