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28 February 2019

Light Mountain

David Fosu

LightMountain introduced Clean Cookstoves to help tackle the problem of household air pollution in Tanzania

Light Mountain
Men and woman smiling

Household air pollution kills 20,000 people every year in Tanzania due to the use of harmful cooking devices that release toxic emissions. LightMountain, introduced Clean Cookstoves to help tackle this issue.

The Clean Cookstoves are efficient devices which reduce toxic emissions, lowering carbon monoxide exposure below the threshold imposed by the World Health Organisation.

These stoves allow users to save time and money by halving fuel consumption and cooking time.These devices are made affordable even to the poorest communities through a 6-months repayment plan. So far, 80 clean cook-stoves have been distributed.

LightMountain also created a cooperative of seven young women entrepreneurs in the village of Mkuyuni, who work together on marketing and collecting repayments. In collaboration with partner NGOs, these women are also provided with training.

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