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08 October 2018

Live art-science event 3 Days of Fat at King's

Live art-science event 3 Days of Fat took place at King's College London's Arcade at Bush House

3 Days of Fat
3 Days of Fat

Live art-science event 3 Days of Fat took place at King’s College London’s Arcade at Bush House in October. 

Over the course of three days the ‘fatberg’ – a floating island of fat suspended within its own tank – was grown at King’s Arcade at Bush House and used as a focus for themed experiments, performances and discussions.

Fat is perhaps one of the most iconic substances of our time. It is integral to life, health, energy, beauty, ecology and consumption. Fat performs a unique and vital function as an energy reserve, stored within the body for times of scarcity.  But what is fat if its 'behaviour' becomes unpredictable, overtaking not only our bodies but our sewage systems? Do we understand fat, or do we need a fresh perspective?

Drawing on the latest research from King’s College London’s Department of Nutritional Sciences, 3 Days of Fat brought Somerset House Studios resident Thought Collider, researcher, artist and creator Arne Hendricks and King’s academics together with experts from art and culture, life sciences, food, agriculture and healthcare to grow the ‘Fatberg’ island and discuss our complex relationship with this substance.

Each day explored a different theme, including fat’s role in life and ecology, health and beauty, and energy, stimulating dialogue on humanity’s relationship with fat, what it is and what it might become. 

'Don't miss', New Scientist

'Get ready for three days of live art-science experiments that reflect on our relationship with this oft-maligned substance', The Londonist

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