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29 July 2021

London Advanced Therapies receives £1.3m boost from Research England

Research England has awarded £1.3m to London Advanced Therapies to extend their work for another year.

London advanced  Therapies

London Advanced Therapies, led by King’s, with Imperial and University College London as partners, was established in 2018.

Advanced therapies include a variety of novel gene and cell-based techniques, which can be used to treat a wide range of serious conditions. They offer the possibility of making the body more tolerant of transplanted organs, for example, and similar genetic engineering techniques can be applied to a wide range of other conditions: being used to treat some cancers, as well as liver disease, organ repair, Cystic Fibrosis and Sickle Cell Disease.

Since its launch, London Advanced Therapies has funded 32 scientific projects across London, including new Uni-Uni and SME-Uni collaborations. It has also launched the Advanced Therapies Network, a networking platform with more than 800 members from commercial, academic and NHS backgrounds, and established various national and international partnership programmes.

The £1.3m award is part of an investment of Connecting Capability Fund money to strengthen commercialisation and create jobs in this scientific field. The award aims to disseminate technology-specific approaches to advanced therapies commercialisation from London to other important regional clusters around the country. This investment will support the expansion of London Advanced Therapies towards creating an UK wide Network of Networks, working with colleagues from the Southwest, the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Research in advanced therapies is a fast-moving area, and this is a field in which countries around the world are making huge investments. In order to compete, the UK’s centres of research excellence need to be able to move quickly, and LAT makes this possible. We are delighted to have received funding to collaborate with colleagues across the UK to create UK Advanced Therapies – a Network of Networks.

Director of London Advanced Therapies, Francesca Gliubich