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08 July 2016

London Plasmonics Forum

The 2nd London Plasmonics Forum was held on the 9th June at King’s College London This now annual event is organised by the EPSRC funded grant Reactive Plasmonics and is hosted by the Department of Physics. Dr Mark Gubbins from Seagate Technology gave a keynote talk on Data Storage Technology and Nanophotonics. With a growing demand for bigger data storage capacity, the hard disk drive (HDD) industry is constantly working on developing new solutions to increase the areal density of their devices. Dr Gubbin’s talk highlighted the importance and the potential of the research in plasmonics for cutting-edge technologies.

Collage of images from London Plasmonics Forum
Collage of images from London Plasmonics Forum

The day continued with various talks given by PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Sylvain Gennaro (Imperial College London) discussed individual metallic nano-antennas,  Marianna Casavola (King’s College London) presented her work on the synthesis of semiconductor plasmonic CuS nanocrystals,   Pan Wang (King’s College London) talked about electrical stimulation of plasmonic excitation, Emiliano Cortés (Imperial College London) gave a talk on plasmon-induced surface chemistry, Yu Luo (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) talked about Transformation Optics and Ali Mirzaei (Australian National University) presented work on optical metacages.

A poster session was held in the afternoon and was won by Benjamin Vest from Laboratoire Charles Fabry – Institut d’Optique with a poster entitled ‘Experiments in quantum plasmonics’.

The next London Plasmonics Forum will be hosted by the Department of Physics  in June 2017

For more information on the event please see the Reactive Plasmonics webpage.