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26 June 2018

London Plasmonics Forum 2018

The 4th annual London Plasmonics Forum was held at King’s College London on the 8 June 2018. Almost 100 scientists joined the event that took place in the historic Anatomy Lecture Theatre at the Strand Campus. Professor Richard Catlow from University College London & Cardiff University gave the keynote lecture talking about Structure and Reactivity in Nano- and Oxide Catalysts.

Red, white and black molecule model
Molecule model

Other talks given on the day came from researchers from King’s College London, Imperial College London, Gothenburg University & University of Bath.  The talks covered a wide range of topics branching physics, chemistry and biology. A link to the programme can be found here. 

As part of the event a poster session took place, judged by Nina Meinzer from Nature Communications and Dennis Sherwood from Silver Bullet Machine. Will Hart from the Department of Physics at Imperial College London won with his poster ‘From graphene plasmon hotspots to low-loss hyperbolic metamaterials: Applications and techniques for super-resolution imaging in the mid-infrared’. 

The 5th London Plasmonics Forum will be held at King’s College London in 2019.