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15 June 2015

MA Digital Humanities alumna Hannah Jacobs talks to the Careers Group

Hannah Jacobs discusses her career path up until now and the ways in which her degree has helped her in her job

Hand shake
Hand shake

Hannah Jacobs is currently the Multimedia Analyst at the Wired! Lab for Digital Art History and Visual Culture at Duke University. 

She completed the MA in Digital Humanities programme at King’s in 2014. In an interview with the Careers Group, humanities careers consultants at King’s, Hannah spoke about what the average day in her job looks like, what skills and traits new recruits need and what advice she would give them.

She also discussed her career path up until now, and the ways in which her degree has helped her in her job. 

"At the most basic level, the MA Digital Humanities program empowered me to discover for myself all the possibilities of a digital tool and to exploit it, rather than remaining subservient to it as a passive user," says Hannah. "It gave me a great foundation in computing (from a humanities perspective) that drives how I work and think in my job every day."