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16 February 2018

Manual of Clinical Procedures in Dentistry: King's Dental academics collaborate to produce definitive guide on the core procedures in dentistry

The Manual of Clinical Procedures in Dentistry comprehensively explains the core procedures in dentistry, how to do them, and the rationale that underpins them. Full of useful and easy to access information, it acts as a compendium of practical procedures in primary dental care, supporting students and dental practitioners in their daily professional and academic lives.

Edited by former Dean and Head of King’s College London’s Dental Institute, Emeritus Professor Nairn Wilson, and King’s Specialist in Restorative Dentistry, Professor Stephen Dunne, the publication is a definitive manual covering everything you need to know about the core procedures in dentistry.  

With contributions from a vast number of academics at King’s College London’s Dental Institute, the Manual of Clinical Procedures in Dentistry is an invaluable text for dental students and new graduates, as well as a definitive guide for the whole dental team. 

  • Provides step by step guidance on procedures in primary dental care
  • Comprehensive coverage of all dental disciplines, from endodontics to orthodontics
  • Compiled by two highly experienced editors with contributions from expert authors
  • Covers essential non-clinical areas, such as communicating with patients, obtaining valid consent, audit procedures, and handling of complaints

Authors of The Manual of Clinical Procedures in Dentistry


About the Editors:

Nairn Wilson is Emeritus Professor of Dentistry, and former Dean and Head of the King’s College London Dental Institute, UK.

Stephen Dunne is Emeritus Maurice Wohl Foundation Professor of General Dental Practice and a Specialist in Restorative Dentistry at King’s College London Dental Institute, UK.


Other King’s College London’s Dental Institute and associated contributors include:

  • An Overview of Patterns and Trends in Oral and Dental Diseases - Jenny Gallagher
  • Requirements in the Clinical Environment - Barry Quinn and Richard Johnson
  • Communicating With Patients - Koula Asimakopoulou, Tim Newton, Sasha Scambler and Suzanne Scott
  • Obtaining Valid Consent - Igor Blum, Rebecca Moazzez and Nikki Doyle
  • Procedures in the Assessment and Examination of Patients - Stephen Dunne and Warren Birnbaum
  • Procedures and Arrangements for the Prevention of Oral and Dental Diseases - Blanaid Daly and Koula Asimakopoulou
  • Procedures in Dental Imaging - Jackie Brown and Jonathan Davies
  • Procedures in the Management of Dental Pain - Tara Renton
  • Procedures in Conscious Sedation - David Craig
  • Procedures in Operative Dentistry - Richard Foxton
  • Procedures in Endodontics - Francesco Mannocci, Justin Barnes, David Jones, Edward Brady, Malissa Sikun and Manjeet Ahlowalia
  • Procedures in Implant Dentistry - Richard Palmer
  • Procedures in Oral Medicine - Michael Escudier and Saman Warnakulasuriya
  • Procedures in Oral Surgery - Tara Renton
  • Procedures in Orthodontics - Martyn Cobourne
  • Procedures in Paediatric Dentistry - Sanjeev Sood
  • Procedures in Periodontics - Mark Ide and Claire McCarthy
  • Procedures in Prosthodontics - Michael Fenlon
  • Procedures in Special Care Dentistry - Carole Boyle, Mary Burke, Julie Edwards, Ellie Heidari, Joy Lewis, Sukina Moosajee and Najla Nizarali
  • Procedures in the Management of Acute Dental Trauma - Serpil Djemal, Sanjeev Sood, Ravi Chauhan and Lakshmi Rasaratnam
  • Procedures in Aesthetic Dentistry - Subir Banerji and Shamir Mehta
  • Medical Emergencies - Kathleen Fan, Syedda Abbas, Shariff Anwar, Nikolas Fanaras, Leandros Vassiliou, Rahul Jayaram, Andrew Ross and Suranjana Lahiri
  • Audit in Dental Practice - Jackie Brown, Heather Pitt Ford, Ellie Heidari and Dominic Flanagan
  • Procedures for the Management of Patient Concerns and Complaints – Catherine Bryant