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28 September 2021

Meet the Ventures: King's20 2021-22

Meet the best and brightest high-potential startups joining the Entrepreneurship Institute's King's20 Accelerator for 2021-22.

King's20 cohort jumping for joy

The King's20 Accelerator is the Entrepreneurship Institute's flagship programme supporting the 20 brightest and highest potential ventures from King’s to scale to new heights.

Over the next 12 months, the new cohort of King's20 ventures will undertake an intensive programme to accelerate their first stage of growth, gain access to leading expert mentorship, investment opportunities, coaching and the opportunity to develop the 7 skills of an entrepreneurial mindset to aid their success.

To date, our previous cohorts have generated almost £29 million in revenue and raised over £38 million in investment, creating over 604 jobs for the UK economy. We can’t wait the see the positive impact of Cohort VI over the next 12 months and look forward to sharing updates over the forthcoming months.

If you are an investor, with an active interest in early-stage startups or interested in meeting our ventures – we would be delighted to connect. Please do get in contact with our Investor Relations Manager, Yotam Levy at or sign up to our monthly Investor newsletter. 

I am delighted to welcome this year’s extraordinary King’s20 ventures to the Entrepreneurship Institute and look forward to working with exceptional founders over the next 12 months. This year, our King's20 Accelerator will take format in a hybrid programme, becoming an international programme with founders across the UK, Europe, Turkey and India. We're extremely excited to be showing entrepreneurial greatness with a passion to create their own careers and strive to develop some of the most innovative solutions worldwide.

Holly Knower, Head of Ventures at the Entrepreneurship Institute

BioStress Lab

Revolutionising workplace stress management using biometric wearable technology to improve resilience, reduce costs and increase productivity.

We serve enterprise organisations of 250+ staff, for whom an accurate and reliable measure of employee stress would enable effective tracking of workplace stressors and promote improved stress management. Our BIO programme allows customers to monitor stress effects on individual and business performance through biometric benchmarking via non-invasive wearables to identify stress causes, suggest remedial intervention solutions and monitor ongoing progress.

Lead Entrepreneur: Tim Routledge (MSc Applied Neuroscience) 



Non-invasive medical device for menopausal women suffering from hot flashes.

We serve menopausal women who suffer from hot flashes. Our product coolzen offers our customer relief by automatically detecting the onset of a hot flash, bringing relief to the user and repeating the process every single time.

Lead entrepreneur: Nitya Dintakurti (BSc Biomedical Engineering) 



The no code operating platform for network biology.

We serve biologists and bioinformaticians who are developing the next generation of disease beating medicines and diagnostics. Our no code operating platform offers the most seamless way to onboard, explore and conduct advanced analysis on connected multi-omic datasets and knowledge graphs, reducing time to insight from weeks to hours.

Lead entrepreneur: Jamie Cartland (BSc Biomedical Science)


Guna Organics

Vertical integration of organic farming and solar technology for upliftment of women farmers.

We serve customers who need nutritious products that are organically grown and processed using solar technology ,offering our customer high quality cancer fighting products with nutritional benefits like vitamin B 17, Vitamin C.

Lead entrepreneur: Neha Upadhyay (MSc. Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis)



New marketplace specialising in vintage and second-hand furniture and homeware, connecting buyers and sellers across the UK.

We serve individuals who want to buy or sell second-hand and vintage homeware online. Our marketplaces offers our customers a curated platform on which to browse and buy homeware.

Lead entrepreneur: Katie Barber (MA Arts Management)



Brings sustainable smart gardens into the kitchen, allowing you to efficiently grow any tasty and organic plants you want, all year round.

We serve modern and environmentally conscious urban citizens, who are unsatisfied with the plants they currently eat. Our high-tech smart gardens offer our customers the possibility to grow highly nutritious fruits and vegetables with next to no effort, with the use of our 100% autonomous, highly sustainable and ultra-efficient hydroponics technology.

Lead entrepreneur: Arthur Georges (Joint Honours Bachelor, Business Management and Modern Languages)


Inspire the Mind 

A single online publication: bringing you both solid science and inspiring personal stories around mental health.

We serve those interested in, or affected by mental health, who seek to engage with online content. Our mental health publication, InSPIre the Mind, offers our customers reliable, informative and digestible content by using our connections, extensive experience, scientific backgrounds and effective editorial process.

Lead entrepreneur: Carmine Pariante (Professor of Biological Psychiatry)



We make your home smart enough to act for you whenever there are emergencies at home.

We serve social landlords, who are looking to comply with Regulation 36 of the Gas Regulations 1998. Our CO Switch offers our customer the ability to learn about faulty boilers through our automated system that automatically shuts off the boiler when a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected.

Lead entrepreneur: Taka Shirasu (BSc Electronics Engineering) 


Jacked Foods

We infuse fruit with natural juices and spices in the drying process to create deliciously unique 100% natural dried fruit snacks.

We serve 18-35 year olds that are environmentally- and health-conscious and are looking for nutritious snacks that taste great and are from brands that align with their values. Our fruit-based snacks offers our customers a range of products that are distinctive, under 100 calories per pack, vegan and gluten-free. We create our products by infusing fruit with fruit juices and spices in the drying process, creating delicious and unique flavour profiles, like Pineapple with Grapefruit, and Jackfruit with Lemon & Lime.

Lead entrepreneur: Josh Clarke (BA Philosophy) 



KAYTEA is a low calorie, flavourful, organic cold brew ice tea, packaged in recyclable glass bottles with eye-catching & playful branding.

We serve young, adventurous and health-conscious consumers, who want indulgent beverages without compromising their health. Our organic cold brew ice teas offer our customers flavourful, low calorie drinks using only natural ingredients.

Lead entrepreneur: Kevin Tang (BSc Business Management)



Enhances the sound quality of music (and soon podcasts) through Artificial Intelligence.

We serve independent artists and content creators who are struggling with the sound quality of their music, podcasts and video content. Our web-based mastering service offers our customer professional sound through a black-box solution that requires zero expertise.

Lead entrepreneur: Simon Hestermann (MSc Advanced Computing) 



AI contract analyzer for start-up and new business founders.

We serve small business and startup founders who need affordable and accessible contract analysis/due diligence help. Our product, Monty, offers our customers contract insight by using the latest machine-learning architectures such as Transformers.

Lead entrepreneur: Onat Topal (LLB Law)



An online reputation management platform that lets businesses gather, analyze and monetize reviews from customers to improve their brand image.

We serve local businesses (B2B), who are struggling with their online reputation by having a negative online presence for their brand. Our SaaS product offers our customer an opportunity to improve their online reputation by using data analysis techniques to gather positive feedback and improve how a business deals with their customers.

Lead entrepreneur: Omar Farooqi (BSc Computer Science) 



Our device helps businesses maintain good hygiene standards by checking how clean a user's hand is after they have washed their hands.

We serve healthcare facilities, who are looking to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Smartwash offers our customers specific and tailored feedback on their hand washing by using UV light to identify areas missed on the individual’s hands.

Lead entrepreneur: Hosna Sherzai (Medicine MBBS)


The Smile App

Mental health app for people dealing with long-term health conditions We serve people dealing with long term health conditions, who are feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed.

Our Smile App offers our customer practical mental health support through bitesized written, audio and video content delivered by clinical experts.

Lead entrepreneur: Emma Amoscato (MSc Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health)


The Art Unit

A curated digital platform; promoting the work of emerging artists; and allowing buyers access to unique artworks.

We serve young professionals and interior designers, who are in need of art. The Art Unit offers our customers a curated selection of artworks to purchase by emerging artists through our website.

Lead entrepreneur: Mariia Kashchenko (MA Arts and Cultural Management)


The Milk Exchange

A fair and open breast milk bank, nourishing babies and supporting all types of parents.

We serve parents, who are unable to provide their infants with breastmilk, and mothers that want to sell their breastmilk. By reimbursing wet nurses for their time, we give them new financial opportunities and the opportunity to support other parents. Our breastmilk offers our customers incredible peace of mind and a multitude of short term and long term health benefits through nourishing their children.

Lead entrepreneur: Lina Gimpel (BA International Development) 


The Page Doctor

An academic platform that connects PhD researchers with university students, to provide tailored educational support.

We serve university students, who require tailored academic support. Our PhD researcher community offers our customer personalised feedback and support through using the student's university guidelines.

Lead entrepreneur: Amina Yonis (BSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)



UniMate helps students reach their academic goals by giving them a better idea of where they stand throughout their degree.

We serve University students, who struggle to know where they academically stand. Our app offers our customers the ability to stay on top of their degree by allowing them to calculate and track their grades and deadlines along with much more.

Lead entrepreneur: Charlotte Gray (MSc International Management) 


Uwana Energy

We are improving access to stable electricity in Nigeria with support from regular people from all over the world.

We serve energy-poor Nigerians who need an alternative to the unstable grid. Our Uwana solution offers our customer solar energy that they can have now and pay later by connecting them to peer lenders that they will repay in monthly instalments to fully own the solar system.

Lead Entrepreneur: Natasha Ibori (MA Emerging Economies and International Development)