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29 September 2022

Meet the Ventures: King's20 2022-23

Meet the best and brightest high-potential start-ups joining the Entrepreneurship Institute's King's20 Accelerator for 2022-23.

King's20 22-23 cohort

The King's20 Accelerator is the Entrepreneurship Institute's flagship programme supporting the 20 brightest and highest potential ventures from King’s to scale to new heights.

Over the next 12 months, the new cohort of King's20 ventures will undertake an intensive programme to accelerate their first stage of growth, gain access to leading expert mentorship, investment opportunities, coaching and the opportunity to develop the 7 skills of an Entrepreneurial Mindset to aid their success.

To date, our previous cohorts have generated almost £29 million in revenue and raised over £60.1 million in investment, creating over 604 jobs for the UK economy. We can’t wait the see the positive impact of Cohort VII over the next 12 months and look forward to sharing regular updates.

If you are an investor, with an active interest in early-stage start-ups or in meeting our ventures – we would be delighted to connect. Please get in contact with our Investor Relations Manager, Dr Yotam Levy at or sign up to our monthly Investor newsletter. 

I am delighted to welcome this year’s extraordinary King’s20 ventures to the Entrepreneurship Institute and look forward to working with exceptional founders over the next 12 months. We're extremely excited to be showcasing entrepreneurial greatness across HealthTech, CommunityTech, Tech and Social Impact. From founders, passionate to forge their own careers and striving to develop some of the most innovative solutions worldwide.”

Holly Knower, Head of Ventures at the Entrepreneurship Institute

Applied Neuroscience Associated (ANA)

A professional body for students and experts who want to ethically apply Neuroscience in health, industry and education.

Our Association offers our customers credibility and collaboration through a global representative body and platform, providing access to emerging research, industry links, events, ethics and best practice, with opportunities for jobs, ongoing learning and accreditation.

Lead Entrepreneur: Treesje Verlinden (MSc Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health)


Artfol Ltd

Artists and computer scientists building a social media platform focused on creating a healthier online space for artists. 

Artfol serves artists, who want to network with other artists and engage with the art community. Our app and website offers our customers an easy way to interact with their followers, as well as with other artists, by using unique features such as question posts, community challenges and more.

Lead Entrepreneur: Stefan Chao (BSc Computer Science with Honours)


Enhanced Fertility

Speeding up time to diagnosis through a validated online assessment of male and female fertility and at-home diagnostic tests that provide AI-driven recommendations to personalise and optimise fertility care.

We serve women and men, who have been trying to conceive for more than 6 months. Our at-home tests and assessments offer our customers faster diagnostics using a certified kit to collect a blood sample and an online algorithm that processes health data to deliver personalised care recommendations. We also serve clinicians who are struggling to assess their patients ahead of initial consultation. Our Doctor's Portal offers customers the ability to request the tests their patients need and visualise this health data using an algorithm that delivers recommendations to personalise and optimise treatment. 

Lead Entrepreneur: Andreia Trigo (MSc Advanced Practice - Leadership)



Expanding Vision for Nutrition is decolonising the nutrition field by creating curriculum and consultation software that centres traditional cultures, to better equip dieticians and nutritionists for service delivery and social impact.

We serve registered dieticians and nutritionists, who are not taught about traditional, non-Western cultures during formal training. Our educational curriculum and consultation software provides nutrition professionals with the intercultural skills and tools required to better address the health care needs of minority ethnic populations in the UK and abroad, who face growing health inequities. 

Lead Entrepreneur: Olutosin Tosin Kirya (MSc. Nutrition)



The first digital platform for women with chronic pelvic pain.

We serve women with chronic pelvic pain, who as of now have no access to an evidence-based platform to better self-manage their condition. Our platform offers our customer the chance to better self-manage pelvic pain by providing access to medically-backed information on pelvic pain, as well as psychology and physiotherapy programmes specific to pelvic pain.

Lead Entrepreneur: Claudia Chisari (PhD: Exploring psychosocial processes and treatment development in women with Vulvodynia)



Mami empowers women in Nigeria to identify breast cancer symptoms and connect with care through mobile phone technology.

We empower women in Nigeria to identify breast cancer symptoms and promptly connect with care. Mami is the only mobile app that educates and enhances early presentation by plugging the gap between noticing symptoms and seeking help. It integrates breast health education, visual guide and reminders for breast-self exam, symptom log and connects to navigators for information on accessing care. 

Lead Entrepreneur: Mercy Ofuya (PhD Medical Statistics)



A search-engine that can help users find the right researchers, given any piece of text.

We serve universities who want to increase the visibility of their research staff. Researcher Searcher is a search-engine that makes it easy for people to find and connect with relevant researchers. Users can enter any piece of text to quickly return a list matching researchers.

Lead Entrepreneur: Gemma Archer (Physics)



An online platform for schools to manage and book high-quality and vetted instructors. 

We serve primary schools that find it time-consuming to discover, book and manage school club providers. Our platform offers our customers access to high-quality and vetted club providers and convenience through online class listings, automated parent booking, and trackable enrolment registers. 

Lead Entrepreneur: Rajan Rai (BA Philosophy)



A machine learning algorithm that will detect impending psychosis from speech samples collected using just a smartphone. With Psyrin, psychiatrists will be able save precious time and effort in the diagnosis of psychosis, as well as improve capacity by evaluating this condition at a much larger scale.

We serve mental health providers, who are struggling to provide timely diagnoses or effectively track patients with a psychosis. Our app, Psyrin offers our customer rapid, validated, diagnostic and relapse prediction tools through speech tasks completed by the service user, which is analysed by a machine learning algorithm and presented on a clinician patient tracking dashboard .

Lead Entrepreneur: Julianna Olah (BA Philosophy)


Pure Zero Technologies 

We can plug the emergency energy grid supply gap.

We serve electrical and gaseous energy supply customers, who currently are struggling to meet the energy supply demand. Our Revelle HedHOG (c), Archimedes LH2 Storage Tanks (AST (c) ) and Spajectors (c) offer our our customers a modular switch to Hydrogen as a Carbonless footprint energy source. We can fuel, store and combust hyrdogen as an alternative circular off grid if necessary supply demand and storage system remote and city central.

Lead Entrepreneur: Julian Odulate (BSc Physics)



Modern, performance-driven haircare brand inspired by ancient principles to address the root of common hair concerns at the scalp.

We serve young women, who are suffering from scalp conditions such as hair loss. Our hair oil and scalp serum offer our customer a self-care ritual through scientifically-backed formulas rooted in ayurveda, to help them take care of their scalp early on.

Lead Entrepreneur: Shikha Ramjutan (MPharm)



Recycling single-use plastic waste generated by life science labs to reduce plastic pollution and create a more sustainable life science industry. 

We serve science labs who require single-use plastic recycling services. Our service offers our customers the opportunity to reduce the volume of plastic waste they generate which ultimately ends up in landfill or escaping into our environment. This enables them to reach their sustainability goals and corporate responsibility in addition to combating plastic waste pollution. 

Lead Entrepreneur: Danielle Stephens (MSc Nutrition)


Safetyknot Ltd

Safetyknot is a safety and first aid training business for good.

We serve families and organisations, who are located in low and middle income countries with high rates of preventable injuries. Our practical safety and first aid training offers our customer safety peace of mind and improved safety through culturally and contextually relevant and accessible safety support.

Lead Entrepreneur: Katherine Weatherburn (PhD)



The easiest way for Black women to make friends.

We serve Black women who want to thrive socially and live authentically. Our app Sistren offers a platform through which Black women can easily build community and share experiences through location-based and event scheduling technologies 

Lead Entrepreneur: Olivia Hylton (King's Staff Member)


Student Essentials

To create a better everyday life for the many students.

We offer curated University Starter Packs that contain all the room essentials for students to kit out their new rooms. Our products take the headache out of our customers having to go to a shopping centre big enough to offer these essentials and spending hours trying to find the right product. We offer quality products at a competitive price, conveniently delivered to the student’s new room before they even arrive.

Lead Entrepreneur: Kostas Baronos (Medicine)



SurgeryLabs aims to improve patient outcomes using 3D-printing techniques to build cost-effective, anatomically-accurate simulation models for surgical training.

We serve healthcare professionals and institutions who require cost-effective and anatomically accurate simulation equipment for safe and effective training. SurgeryLabs uses innovative manufacturing methods to build high-fidelity, clinically relevant simulation models that will improve patient outcomes.

Lead Entrepreneur: Jonathan Neville (MBBS)


Sustainable Solutions Engineered

The Future is Now

We provide turn key services for owners who want to make their buildings more sustainable. Our service provides customers with building analysis, information gathering, provide technical solutions on how to make their building more sustainable. We manage the delivery of these solutions and monitor the savings an results regarding carbon footprint reduction. We provide information on funding and statutory obligations regarding carbon emissions.

Lead Entrepreneur: Michael Collins (MSc Construction Law and Dispute Resolution)


The Advisers Toolbox LTD

Productivity software for professional advisers in the third sector.  

We serve UK based charities who provide advice to the public on benefits and other areas of law.  Our product offers the customer improved productivity in their workforce by providing templated case notes and guidance on current legislation.

Lead Entrepreneur: Huw Evans (BSc Mathematics)



Adjustable and easily alterable fashion

We serve females over the age of 25, who struggle with their changing clothing size. Our clothes offer our customer the freedom to alter and adjust the clothes by using the adjustable and easily alterable features on the clothes. 

Lead Entrepreneur: Felicia Scicluna(MSc Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health)


Two Cents

Two Cents helps Web3 communities streamline community-led initiatives.

We serve Web3 communities, who face challenges coordinating the number of people that join them wanting to meaningfully contribute. Our software tool, Two Cents, offers our customer an easier way to coordinate decision making on value-added elements of community contribution by streamlining the processes for how someone might contribute their time and skills to help the community.

Lead Entrepreneur: Daniel Jiang (BSc Computer Science with Management)


Vulcan Intelligence

Vulcan Intelligence simplifies crypto investments for traditional institutions.

We serve investors from the traditional world who are curious about crypto and blockchain. Vulcan's products provide our customers with comprehensive education on blockchain ecosystem and tailored tools that help them maker better investment decisions and identify red flags.  

Lead Entrepreneur: Ruofan (Alexandra) Wang (BA War Studies & Philosophy)