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22 March 2022

Developing a Resource Pack for day centre stakeholders

New project for ARC South London Social Care Theme at the Unit

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Katharine Orellana
Dr Katharine Orellana

From March 2022 to November 2023, with the support of day centres for older people and people with dementia and their broader stakeholders, the Unit will be working on producing a Resource Pack that will aim to support day centres’ sustainability.

The Resource Pack will address priority support areas identified through the Unit's day centre stakeholder survey. Day centre ‘stakeholders’ here are people with a personal or professional interest, or potential interest, in day centres. This is a broad group which includes staff of local authorities, NHS services, providers, national bodies and community groups, and local Councillors – people working roles that involve commissioning, making referrals or making decisions, such as social workers, occupational therapists, social prescribing link workers, local Councillors.

This is work conducted under the ARC South London Social Care Theme and is being led by Katharine Orellana. More on this study (including information sheet and how to take part).

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