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18 February 2022

Milestone reached by UKAD in partnership with King's College London

More than 100,000 samples have been collected by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), many of which were processed at the Drug Control Centre (DCC) at King’s Forensics.


Testing urine and blood samples from athletes is a key component of keeping sport clean. UKAD was formed in 2009 as the UK’s first independent National Anti-Doping Organisation and collects samples from UK athletes wherever they are in the world, and any athletes training and competing in the UK, such as the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The DCC is the only accredited anti-doping laboratory in the UK and has analysed the vast majority of the samples. The work, in partnership with UKAD, can highlight the sports men and women who cheat to the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The Laboratory Director Professor Kim Wolff noted the importance of the close relationship with UKAD.

Our analytical expertise is enhanced by the synergistic working practices of the national body. Together we make a formidable team committed to the preservation of clean sport.

Professor Kim Wolff, The Director of King’s Forensics, which hosts the DCC

Speaking about the achievement, UKAD Deputy Director of Operations, Hamish Coffey said: “We are pleased to reach the milestone of 100,000 samples, which represents the significant contribution UKAD has made to keeping sport clean. During this time UKAD has developed a world-leading testing programme, which focuses our resources where we can best detect and deter cheating in sport.

“To do this, we work closely with colleagues in our Intelligence team, as well as partners across the world, and of course, the commitment of our professionally experienced Doping Control Personnel. We also thank the athletes who have continued to adhere to their anti-doping responsibilities day-in-day out throughout their careers – demonstrating their commitment to clean sport.

“While we’re happy to recognise this achievement, the challenges of clean sport are always evolving, and I know the team will continue to rise to meet those as we work towards the next 100,000 tests.”

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Kim Wolff

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