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09 January 2020

Military Ethics joins forces with Defence Academy and becomes most popular online course

The Military Ethics online learning platform and playing cards are continuing to expand internationally.


At the heart of the thinking behind Centre for Military Ethics is the determination to provide an open access, free, quality, research led online resource that can be used by anyone, anywhere, to foster ethical awareness and help promote effective ethical decision making in military environments. See the website here.

An example of its success is through Columbian staff officers; last year 1,300 undertook the online training, this year over 12,000 have signed up with a much further increase anticipated for next year.

All of the courses online are completely free, cover all aspects of Military Ethics and are open to everyone, with the exception of the ‘Key Concepts in Military Ethics’, an 18 part blended learning ethics programme designed with King’s College London and the University of New South Wales which is for institutions offering Military Ethics as part of their curriculum.

A further success is that the Defence Academy of the UK has agreed to provide backing, funding and collaboration with the playing cards and has adopted them as a pedagogical tool for Ethics education within the Armed Forces.

The cards are used across the globe and King’s Centre for Military Ethics is currently working with Defence Attaches to have the cards converted into several different languages.

Studying the course proved to be one of the best educational experiences ever. The pace of the presentation was very good , the topics discussed were very interesting and extremely captivating. In my opinion, this should be the first course on the list.

2019 Student

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Professor of Ethics and the Military Profession