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09 January 2019

New perspectives on Palestine

#MyPalestine, a crowd-sourced photography exhibition, opens on 9 January at the Exchange, King’s College London

Man sitting at water's edge
Image by Wissam Jacoub

#MyPalestine is curated by a King’s alumnus and the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), based at the Department of War Studies.

The organisers called on Palestinians and people from around the world to take photographs of "their" Palestine and share them under the hashtag #MyPalestine on social media platforms. The aim is to show Palestine to the world through the eyes of its people and share the human and personal stories that go beyond the usual headlines and narratives

This will be one of the first public events showcasing the work of the King's Programme for Middle East Dialogue. The project is the only fellowship of its kind within a British university. It is aimed at those who occupy positions from which they can shape politics and public opinion in both Israel and Palestine, aiming to equip a future generation of leaders with a deeper understanding of themselves, their history, and the conflict they are living through, so that they can better appreciate the realities faced by all stakeholders in the region.

The alumnus and former Fellow of ICSR who curated #MyPalestine is now Director of the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD) an independent, non-profit organization based in Palestine with the mission to share the story of Palestine with the world. PIPD has shared photos with audiences around the world through their digital platforms, and is launching their London exhibit in cooperation with ICSR.

Image by Wissam Jacoub.



#MyPalestine: Crowd-Sourced Photography Exhibition
9-24 January 2019, The Exchange, Bush House King's College London
FREE admission

Register for the #MyPalestine exhibition launch event on 16 January.