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16 February 2022

New Artist in Residence to explore 'Wakeful Consciousness'

Alison Hand is the new Artist in Residence for a major new grant project researching 'Wakeful Consciousness'.

Alison Hand Wakeful Consciousness
Oil, acrylic, spray paint on canvas. 2019.

The Centre for Philosophy and Art at King's has announced that the new Artist in Residence selected for a major new grant project with Kings College London researching 'Wakeful Consciousness', is Art Academy London BA Programme Leader Alison Hand.

The academic interdisciplinary project investigates how dreams compare to wakeful experiences. Can you dream all your wakeful experiences? If not, why not? What might 'exclusively wakeful states’ reveal to us about the secrets of human consciousness?

Working with Dr Vanessa Brassey, Professor Matt Soteriou, Dr Sacha Golob, and Professor Tom Crowther, the residency will explore new philosophical and scientific research into the experience of dreams and wakeful states of consciousness, culminating in an exhibition of new paintings made in collaborative response to the research in 2023.

We are delighted that Alison has agreed to be the Artist in Residence on our project on Wakeful Consciousness. We are very excited about working collaboratively with Alison on contrasting perspectives in wakefulness and dreams, and Alison’s work will offer a fascinating contribution to our exploration of these issues.

Professor Matt Soteriou, Philosophy of Mind

The Centre for Philosophy and Art is a major multi-disciplinary initiative based at King’s College London. Its aim is to bring together academics, artists, curators and gallerists to explore the connections between philosophy, theory and the arts through film, podcasts, interviews and live events.


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