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03 October 2022

New book examines influences that have shaped Germany's immigrant communities

A new book by King’s academic Dr Alex Clarkson sheds light on the cultural and political influences that have shaped the lives of Germany’s myriad immigrant communities.


In Diaspora Power: The Unknown History of Emigrants in Germany since 1945, Dr Clarkson examines the communities of some 22 million people in Germany who come from immigrant families, from Turks and Kurds, to Ukrainians, Poles, Iranians and beyond.

Dr Clarkson, a lecturer in German and European studies at King’s, looks closely at the power structures that these communities of diaspora have built in exile and asks what political goals they are pursuing inside and outside of Germany.

He said: “Far too little is known about the cultural and political influences that have influenced immigrant life in Germany and how they have transformed the communities in which diasporas have settled. The cultural diversity and conflicts that have emerged through this process of immigration will not only determine the fate of diasporas, but also the future of Germany as a whole.”


You can find out more about the book here.

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Alex Clarkson

Lecturer in German and European & International Studies