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04 July 2024

New collaboration launched with workshop at King's

A workshop hosted at King’s College London, in collaboration with the Beirut Urban Lab at the American University of Beirut, marked the launch of a new collaborative project that will explore state-making and governance through an urban lens.

The project team met at King's College London in June. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

The project will focus on Middle Eastern case studies as sites for broader theorisation around contemporary state-making and urban governance.

The two-day workshop took place from 17-18 June and brought together a group of 12 scholars who will be working on the project. A second workshop will be held at the American University of Beirut in 2025 in preparation for a special issue on the topic.

Professor Jeroen Gunning and Dr Kevin Mazur, from the Department of Political Economy and the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies at King’s, organised the event with Prof Mona Harb (American University of Beirut) and Dr Dima Smaira (independent researcher, Lebanon).

The two workshops are funded by King’s Global Engagement Partnership Fund, the Independent Social Research Foundation, the Beirut Urban Lab and the Department of Political Economy’s Additional Research Fund.

The scholars in attendance were: Mona Harb and Ahmad Gharbie (American University of Beirut); Dima Smaira; Kevin Mazur, Jeroen Gunning and Rafeef Ziadah (King’s College London); Azadeh Mashayekhi (UCL); Dena Qaddumi (LSE); Sarah El-Kazaz (SOAS); Motasem Abuzaid (University of Oxford); Somdeep Sen (Roskilde University); and Razaz Basheir (University of Cape Town).

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