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31 May 2022

New international partnership exploring 6G

6G partnership between King's and Capgemini

Toktam Mahmoodi

King’s is bringing its expertise in 5G, 6G and Artificial Intelligence to a new partnership with the French company, Capgemini. The research project will explore the potential of 6G as a lever for “intelligent industry”, identified by Capgemini as the next generation of digital transformation, “fostering synergies between the digital and engineering spheres to help companies build intelligent products, operations, and services, at scale.”

King’s Professor Luca Viganò, Vice Dean for Enterprise and Engagement in the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences, said:

"King’s Department of Engineering has outstanding research expertise in this area, led through the Centre for Telecommunications Research under the direction of Professor Toktam Mahmoodi. We are delighted to be partnering with Capgemini on this new programme which will explore further the possibilities opened up by 6G.”

Professor Toktam Mahmoodi added:

“The true real-time interaction between remote locations is an ultimate enabler for digital industry and society, and is what 5G is aimed for, and 6G will achieve through embedding intelligence at different levels of the communication network. King’s is delighted to drive this pioneering research."

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Toktam Mahmoodi

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Vice-Dean (Enterprise and Engagement) and Head of Cybersecurity Group