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12 October 2020

New podcast features impact of modern slavery research

A new podcast series co-created by Deepak Mawar, Visiting Lecturer in The Dickson Poon Scool of Law, is exploring the influence of academic research and its impact on some of the most pressing political, legal and economic matters.

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The latest episode of 'House of Wisdom: How Ideas Can Shape the World' features Professor Philippa Webb on modern slavery.

Released to mark the series’ launch, Professor Webb talks with Deepak and co-host Aniq Ahmed about her research analysing how states can tackle modern slavery. She also looks at what modern slavery is, why it continues to take place and who the main beneficiaries are. Click here to listen to her episode ‘Modern Slavery.’

You can listen to all ‘House of Wisdom’ episodes that have been released so far on podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple, Google, Anchor or via the podcast website.


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