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23 March 2022

New podcast mini-series examines cutting-edge research into inequality

A new podcast mini-series hosted by a King’s College London academic examines cutting-edge research into one of the biggest issues facing the world – inequality.

nihsa podcast
The podcast mini-series is out now. Picture: STOCK IMAGE

Professor Johnna Montgomerie organised a digital symposium during the COVID-19 pandemic which brough together researchers from institutions across the globe and created a platform for experts to share ideas and research from a range of disciplines.

The sessions were recorded and, with help from the King’s Together Fund, have been edited into a three-part podcast series, Inequality: The issue of our time.

Prof Montgomerie said: “The purpose of this series is to advance our collective thinking about what creates inequality and to consider how inequity touches our lives in really meaningful ways.

“Many of us can recognise inequities in everyday conversation, whether about race, gender, climate, or the historical geographies of inequality caused by colonialism, these dialogues present practical, inclusive and innovative solutions to this crucial issue.”

The series is available on all major podcast platforms, include Spotify and iTunes. You can find out more about the series here.