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15 February 2024

New series delves deeper into work of our experts

Academics and policy makers often work on the same problems, albeit from different perspectives and with different resources, methods and timescales.

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So what do our academics wish policy makers knew about their research? This week we launch our new policy podcast Three Things I Know, where we get our expert colleagues to boil down their research to the things they would love to talk to policy audiences about (and sometimes do).

This week Dr Matia Vannoni takes time out at a conference to talk about the implications of regulatory complexity and his policy master classes on how to scrape and use internet data to tackle social problems. But we begin our journey unexpectedly in a bakery in Liguria…

Three Things I Know is presented by Alix Mortimer and produced by Daniel Mansfield at the School of Politics and Economics, King’s College London. Title track Data by Metre. Subscribe via RSS

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Matia Vannoni

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy