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16 November 2021

Obituaries 2021

Obituaries received from your fellow alumni for the year 2021.


King’s College London

The Revd Canon David Abraham AKC
Theology, 1962

David Allsop
Natural Science, 1977

Roy W Bagwell
History, 1957

The Revd Edward W C Bale AKC
Theology, 1955

Patricia A Barlow
French, 1974

Sian D Beckwitn (née Hughes)
Education, PGCE, 1984

Helen Black (née Broadhurst)

Brian D Bennett
Engineering, 1952
Engineering, Dip Eng, 1952

Dr Peter C Burroughs
History, 1958
History, PhD, 1964

Professor Colin J Bushnell
Mathematics, 1968, PhD, 1972

Geoffrey A Brammall AKC
German with French, 1969

Thomas Cavalier Smith
Biophysics, PhD, 1967

His Honour Derek Clarkson QC
Law, 1950

The Revd William B Cooney AKC
Theology, 1969

Roy A Cheer AKC
Theology, 1986

The Revd. Richard Chown, AKC
Theology, 1954

David A Clark AKC
Theology, 1965

Dr Gerald E Corbett
Chemistry, 1959
Organic Chemistry, PhD, 1962

Eileen C Croucher AKC (née Sutcliffe)
Geography, 1943

Eric Dale
Zoology, 1951

John G Davis
Mechanical Engineering , 1959

James E Davison
Construction Law & Arbitration, MSc, 1999

Edwin R D Deacon
Engineering, 1965
Mechanical Engineering, 1967

John Denton
Electrical Engineering, 1956

Marian Dennehy
Geography, 1975

Stephen J Doggett
Physics with Philosophy of Science, 2002

The Revd Gavin J F Fargus AKC
Theology, 1954

Margaret E D Fitzgerald
Family Therapy Introduction To Practice, PGCert , 2008

Professor Lionel Fry
Physiology, 1954

Bernard A Gee
Engineering, 1962
Education, PGCE, 1963

Peter N G Gill
Education Research

The Revd Roger D W Hawkins AKC
Theology, 1958

Geoffrey D Hillier
Civil Engineering, 1959

David Icke
Theology, 1965

Professor John Illston FKC
Civil Engineering, 1949
Engineering, PhD, 1964

Professor Aubrey D Jenkins
Chemistry, 1948, PhD, 1951, DSc, 1961

Michael D Joyce
Education, PGCE, 1981

John B Kamara
Health Studies, DipHE, 2003

Anthony W Klein
Chemistry, 1961

Margaret N Knight (née Jackson)
Law, 1964

Jill Lister (née Cave-Brown-Cave)
Law, 1957

The Revd Canon Peter A Marshall AKC
Theology, 1958

Dr Simon Meller
Medical Ethics & Law, MA, 2008

The Revd Peter F Murphy
Theology, 1965

Annabel R Pagel (née Tuby)
French, 1958

Geoffrey A Pearce
Geography, 1959

Desmond T C Pollock
Law, 1950

Peter Poole AKC
Physics, 1953

Dr Brian E Price AKC
Geography, 1964

Ronald H Rakusen OBE
Civil Engineering, 1963

The Revd Herbert A Reid AKC
Theology, 1956

Michael A Roche
General , 1968

Mark D Salmon
Education, PGCE, 1992

John Shillaker AKC
Theology, 1960

John A Smith AKC
Geography, 1952

Dr Emeritus Smith
Philosophy, 1967

Dr Theodore C Stening AKC
Science, 1954
Organic Chemistry, PhD, 1957

Dr Peter Swift
Physics, 1949, MSc, 1950, PhD, 1953

Anthony I Thompson
Chemical Engineering, PGDip, 1955

Nigel Thornley
Electrical Engineering, 1973

Harriet A Topping (née King)
Chemistry & Physics, 1966

Dr John Welford AKC
Physics, 1953
Education, PGCE, 1954

Richard C Wassell
French, 1970

Dr John Welford AKC
Physics, 1953
Education, PGCE, 1954

Roger D J Wheale MBE
Classics, 1960
Education, PGCE, 1961

Professor Lewis Wolpert CBE FKC
Zoology, PhD, 1961

King's College School of Medicine and Dentistry

Paul P Coffey
Medicine, 1975

Professor Lionel Fry
Medicine, 1965

Dr Richard C Hamber
Medicine, 1955

Dr Vincent L C Liu
Medicine, 1973

Michael K Mason
Medicine, 1950

J A Packham (née Fairhurst)

Frederick J Roberts AKC
Medicine, 1956

Ken Thomas
Medicine, 1959


Anthony H Atkinson
Medicine, 1955
Anaesthetics, DObst, 1959

Laetitia M Brocklebank (née Finlay)
Dentistry, 1975

Christopher C Bull
Medicine, 1952

Stanley Cooke
Medicine, 1957

John C Cranfield
Dentistry, 1954

Ian N Garside
Dentistry, 1962

Anthony G Hitchcock
Dentistry, 1955

Joseph M Holmes
Medicine, 1947

Edward O James
Dentistry, 1955

John Neave
Dentistry, 1956

Millicent J Pentney (née Craker)
Medicine, 1952

Benjamin J Silkoff
Medicine, 1948

Frank M Sullivan

Professor Richard H R White
Medicine, 1950

St Thomas’s

Elizabeth F Sears
Medicine, 1976

Graham E Sayce
Medicine, 1950

James C L Rawes
Medicine, 1954

John C Willan
Medicine, 1954

Richard G S Mills
Medicine, 1968

Alison M Humphrey
Medicine, 1976

Queen Elizabeth College

Jeffrey P Herneman

Shirley P Gilpin
Dietetics, Diploma (Postgraduate), 1945

Royal Dental Hospital

J Mary Clark (née Wardle)
Dentistry, 1946

Prof. John Harold Jones
Dentistry, 1962



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