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20 June 2023

Obituaries 2022

Obituaries received from your fellow alumni for the year 2022.


We are sad to report on the following obituaries.

While we make every effort to verify the information here, which is selected and edited, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

If you have concerns over any content, please contact the Alumni Office at

King's College School of Medicine and Dentistry

Leslie J Cheeseman B.E.M. BDS LDS DDPH (Dentistry, 1953)

Dr Warren I Shear LDS (Dentistry, 1961)

Michael C Gaukroger BDS (Dentistry, 1977)

Dr Huw G Roberts MBBS

(Biochemistry, 1970; Medicine, 1973)

Dr Terry R Gould MBBS MRCS LRCP DObst RCOG DA FFARCS (Medicine, 1957)

Dr Michael W Dunwoody MBBS (Preclinical Medicine, 1957)

Dr Edward R Dingley OBE MBBS FRCOPhth (Medicine, 1955)

Stephen M Frost BDS (Dentistry, 1976)

Dr John N Broadley MBBS (Medicine, 1964)

Dr George W Knox BA Cantab MB BChir MRCS LRCP D Obst RCOG DCH MRCGP FRCGP (Medicine, 1957)

Dr Silvia Trigg (Medicine, 1953)

Nicholas J Hanford (Dentistry, 1980)

Hugh F Flint BDS (Dentistry, 1969)

Dr David R Tillett MBBS (Medicine, 1958)

Dr Naomi S Byles MBBS (Medicine, 1966)

Professor John Bienenstock MBBS (Anatomy & Human Biology, 1957)

Dr John P Minns MBBS (Medicine, 1966)

Dr Terence A Spratley MBBS (Medicine, 1961)

Dr Gisela Boss MBBS Lond MRCS LRCP DCH (Medicine, 1952)

John W Turner AKC MBBS FRCS (Medicine, 1956)

Dr Roger W Sussams MBBS MFOM DIH (Medicine, 1962)

Dr Norman P Halliday MBBS (Medicine, 1964; DCH, 1969)

King’s College London

Frank Barker (1955)

Dr Andrew J Salisbury AKC (Mathematics, 1952; PGCE Education, 1953; MEd, Chelsea College, 1978; PhD, Chelsea College, 1983)

Dr Raghunandan Gaind (Psychological Medicine, 1965)

Professor Justin M Joffe (Psychiatry, 1965)

Dr Jane M Mckeown (1973)

Dr Ramon Gardner (Psychology, 1967)

Dr Julian Candy FRCP FRCPsych

Dr Alan S Lee

The Revd John M Oda-Burns (previously Burns)  (Theology, 1957)

Professor John L Flood MA PhD FR Hist S (German with French, 1980)

Anthony R Von Bergen (1991)

Stella Martin (General, 1950; PGCE, 1951)

The Revd Robert R Lunnon BD AKC MA (Theology, 1955)

Dr Bernard W Hawes  (Chemistry, 1948)

The Venerable Leonard G Moss AKC (Theology, 1959)

Dr Edwin C Clark  (Physics, 1962; PhD, 1967)

Andrea E Powell (née Taylor) (Dental Hygiene and Therapy, 2008)

Avani Patel (Biotechnology, 1996)

The Revd, Canon Richard R Wheeler (Theology, 1972)

Jigar Shah (Telecommunication Engineering, 2007)

Professor Anne Jones (née Pickard) (Education, 1957)

Hester M Solomon (née McFarland) (Romance Languages and Literature, 1968)

Karen L Giles  (Nursing Studies, 1999)

Dr Eric C Horner (Chemistry, 1948; PhD, 1951)

Maddalena G Bonura (English, 2005)

Hugh Duncombe  (Engineering, 1952)

Isobel C Stevenson BSc FRSA PGCE

(Mathematics and Physics, 1956; Education, 1957)

Dr David R Heald  (German with French, 1964; PhD, 1970)

Dr Douglas H Brown  (Geography (Arts) Research, 2014)

Diane Gould (Independent Practice, 2008)

Anthony G Baker (Mathematics, 1948)

Rodney J Keast MIEE MRAeS C Eng AKC (Electrical Engineering, 1961)

Edmond J Terris (French, 1972)

Ronald S Figg (Theology and Religious Studies, 1992)

Marie-Claire L Oakley (Philosophy, 2012)

Rebecca J Moult (Classics, 1989)

Sister Vivienne J Shurrock (Theology, 1951; Biological Sciences, 1956; Psychology, 1959)

David H Mitchell  (Law, 1953)

Shatha Ali (Law, 2003)

Philip J Giokas (Theoretical Physics, 2005; Applied Mathematics Research, 2013)

Brian Howden (Mathematics, 1958)

Frances G Twambley (née Brown) (French with German, 1972)

Dr Martin E Anthoney AKC (Chemistry, 1968)

Marilyn G Marsh (German with French, 1959)

Mary A Parrott  (Nursing with Registration as an Adult Nurse, 2021)

Inga Van Der Heiden (Psychology and Neuroscience, 2021)

Roderick J Hastie (UK & European Law of Copyright & Related Rights, 1998)

Thomas B Hammond (Music - Performance Studies, 1997)

Emily Clavering (Psychiatry, 2007)

The Revd Brian B Barwell AKC (Theology, 1960)

Max J Martin (Chemistry, 1978)

Joan M Barnabel (French, 1947; Education, 1948)

The Revd John M Ouless AKC (Theology, 1949)

The Revd Leslie J Oakes AKC (Theology, 1954)

Thomas E Clarkson (Civil Engineering, 1952)

Hazel M Howard (née Moore) (Medical Ultrasound, 2001)

The Revd Frank Powell AKC (Theology, 1952)

Emily M Patel (Language and Cultural Diversity, 2020)

Enid M Long (Biblical Studies, 2001; Portuguese with Film Studies, 2003)

Geoff R Fowler (Civil Engineering, 1976)

Ann M Boutflower (History of Christianity, 1997)

Philip F Williams AKC (Theology and Religious Studies, 1982; Education)

Christopher A Fry (War Studies, 2011)

Barbara A Butterworth (née Head) (Education Studies, 1985)

Ian Wigley (Philosophy, 1998)

Joyce Bridgeman (née Gunson) (English, 1953; Education, 1953)

Sarah L Collings (Nursing, 2010)

Asheesh RAizada (Chemitry and Management, 1999)

Rebeca Teulet (European Studies, 2012)

Eunice D Keane (née Spendlove) (Law, 1961)

Adrian C Lynch QC (Law, 1971)

Shelley P Shenker (Public Services Policy and Management, 2012)

Dr Victoria Joyce AKC (née Dawson) (English, 1963; MA, 1965; PhD, 1971)

Pamela A Meredith (Pain, 2005)

Dr Susan M Stewart (née Ault) (History, 2001)

Dr Kevin D Howe  (Pharmacy, 1982;  PhD, 1989)

Dr Fausto Alvim Junior (Mathematics, 1970)

 Bernard J Rofe AKC (Theology, 1956)

Richard J Ponting (Civil Engineering, 1974)

Alison E Uppard (née Fowke) (English, 1967)

Dr Barry C Moyse MBBS (Medicine, 1985)

Victor Lucas (Education Studies, 1984)

Jeanette M Braganza (Nursing Studies, 1994; PG Dip Professional Healthcare Education, 2004; MSc, 2006)

Ann P Rayner (Molecular Medicine, 1997)

Francis P Gilbert (Theology, 1972)

James D Swain  (Geography, 1956)

Remilekun F Saromi (née Adenuga) (Nursing Studies, 2004)

John L Currell (Engineering, 1962)

The Revd Nigel E Johnson AKC (Theology, 1964)

Professor Ernest M Freeman (Electrical Engineering, 1958; Engineering, 1964)

Dr Rhoda J Goldberg (née Wulkan) (Medical Ethics and Law, 1999)

Alan A Morris (Mathematics, 1952)

Professor Ronald E Burge BSc PhD DSc Cphys FInstP FKC (Mathematics, 1952; Physics, 1953; Biophysics, 1957)

Polly R Corrigan (War Studies Research, 2019)

Julian G Pykett (Education, 1966)

David H Till (Music, 1967)

Brian L Mccombe (Family Therapy Introduction to Practice, 2008)

Athena Blay (Biology, 2009)

Lennox Murray (Molecular Genetics, 2007)

Barbara Fenner (née Turner) (1954)

John C Sadler (Chemistry, 1960)

Professor George J Leigh OBE C Chem FRCS DSc (Chemistry, 1956; Inorganic Chemistry, 1960)

Leigh Murphy (Adult Nursing, 2003)

David C Emergy (Anatomy & Human Biology, 1983)

Parminder Singh (Pharmacy, 2003)

Georgina M Chalmers (Medicine - MBBS, 1997)

The Revd David H Bracey (Theology, 1963)

Susan Bell (Neuroscience, 2009)

Dr David Burman MBBS MRCS LRCP MD FRCP (Medicine - MBBS, 1950)

Brian W Harris (Chemistry, 1959; MSc, 1962)

Keith Fenwick

Anthony L Kremer (German with French, 1968)

Marcus L Hope OBE (German with French, 1965)

John C Rose (English, 1952)

Dr Joyce C Macpherson FRCGS (née Brown) (MSc Geography, 1956)

Frank Barker (Theology, 1961)

Rajesh K Patel (Mathematics, 1987)

Pauleine M Reed AKC (née Hodby) (Geography, 1956)

Pamela H Merrifield (née Clarke) (Law, 1967; LLM, 1998)

Kieran Mccann (Mental Health Studies, 2001)

Marion C Kerfoot AKC (French, 1995)

Dr Warren F Kent AKC (Electrical Engineering, 1985)

Stephen M Higgins (Education, 1997)

Dr Christopher Williams (Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies, 1997)

Kerry A Lang (Dental Hygiene and Therapy, 2008)

Fazal Virani (Chemistry and Management, 1995)

Ronald A Summersell (General, 1968)

The Revd Steven F Latham (Theology, 2000)

Philip J Nicholls (Biology, 2001)

Bhupesh A Tailor (Pharmacy, 1993)

Doreen Hughes (née Kershaw) (Geography, 1952)

Michael H Schofield (Geography, 1957)

James F Flint (War Studies, 2005)

Francis J Dyton BSc. FICE FCIArb (Civil Engineering, 1993)

Alvin Yeo (FKA Yeo Khirn Hai) (Law, 1986)

Christine Dent (née Carroll) (French, 1972)

Edward W Farrow AKC (Geography, 1958)

John W Turner AKC MBBS FRCS (General, 1952)

Jean A Day (née Ayre) (Geography, 1951; Education, 1952)

Dr Mitzi M Macey-Dare (née Coyle) (Dentistry at the Royal Dental Hospital, 1960; Gerontology, 1992)

Elizabeth North (née Graham) (Classics, 1962; PGCE, 1975)

Colin F Smart MSc (Construction Law, 1990)

Malcolm B Sargent AKC (German with French, 1955; Education, 1956)

Mahmood Suleiman (Dental Surgery at the Royal Dental Hospital, 1980; Dentistry, 2000; Periodontics & Preventive Dent Clinical Research, 2010)

Kathleen Walsh (Theology and Religious Studies, 1991)

Mundher N Al-Adhami (Education Studies, 1989)

Gerald E Edmonson-Jones (Law, 1951)

Charles Bruns (Mathematics, 1969)

Professor Sydney Shall (Biochemistry, 1965)

The Revd Peter Davie (Religious Studies, 1978)

John Anderson (Geography, 1976)

John A Canning (History, 1962)

Dr Doris I Wilson (Geomorphology, 1985)

Caroline M Goyder (English Research, 2012)

Jennifer Beggs (Theology and Religious Studies, 1986)

Rachel Gibson (née Forsdike) (Human Biology, 1996)

Margaret E Lougher (Mental Health Social Work, 1999)

Robert C Bareham (Theology, 2002)

Wing Commander Michael J Bratby  (War Studies, 2001)

Philip S Sanson (Neuroscience, 2009)

William H Martin (Chemistry, 1976)

The Revd Thomas A Thomas BD AKC (Theology, 1960)

Timothy m Addison (Military and Security Studies, 2002)

John A Greggains (Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, 2021)

Shara Berrio Jaramillo (Marketing, 2021)

Norman Davidson (Nursing Free Standing, 2006)

Warren J Palmer (Geology, 1960)

Angela Howe (Nursing Studies, 1996)

John R Evans (Construction Law and Arbitration, 1995)

Wasim Zaman (Electronic and Electrical Engineering, 1996)

Sara E Hughes (Nursing Studies Undergraduate Free-Standing, 2008)

Dr Ronald A Heacock (Chemistry, 1949; DSc, 1965; PhD Organic Chemistry, 1952)

Dr Simon L Altmann (Theoretical Chemistry, 1952)

Dr Joan M Horder (Music, 2004; MPhil PhD, 2007; German Research, 2008)

Dr Michael C Bennett (Chemistry, 1951; Physical Chemistry, 1954)

Dr Andrew J Salisbury AKC (Mathematics, 1952; Education, 1953)

Geoffrey L Smith (Mathematics, 1953)

Dr Sheila Openshaw (Nursing studies, 2001)

David A Richardson (Chemistry, 1964)

Dr George P Haskell AKC (Physics, 1962)

David J Abbott (Mathematics, 1951)

Ruth M Gill (Dip Theology, 1958; PhD, 1969)

Ronald Stedman (Science, 1951)

Jane A Clark (née Langley) (Theology, 1960)

Wendy J King (French, 1966)

David G Westcott (Immunology, 1993)

Dr Peter W Inward (Chemistry, 1958; Organic Chemistry, 1961)

Sharad D Keskar (Religious Education, 1990)

Daphne A Brack (née Bracil) (Gerontology, 1996)

Ian R Tatman (Civil Engineering, 1960)

Richard J Dibben (Electrical Engineering, 1953)

Mary A Parrott

Dr John D Maynard MBBS

Mary Heaword

Peter Stone

Henry A Sweetbaum FKC (Economics, 1959)

Professor John L Flood MA PhD FR Hist S (German)

Andrew L Gunn MA MB BChir FRCS (1967)

The Rt Hon Alexander P Gowrie PC (previously Ruthven)

Keith Vincent

The Revd Robert R Lunnon BD AKC MA (Applied Theology, 1999)

Dr Bernard W Hawes  (Chemistry, 1951)

Ian R Puver (Modern & Medieval Languages, 1968)

John Sexton

Sejal Patel

Neo lW Deeks

Professor Anne Jones (née Pickard) (1956)

Samantha Ashmeade

Ronald F Castle

Edith B Mackey

Raymond Nardoni

Barbara Metcalfe

Raymond Hawkins

Peter McDonald

Derek Newton

Robert Parkin

Alexandra Carter

Judith R Gray

Lesley Pilling

Richard Davis

Florence L Garrood

The Lord John D Sainsbury of Preston Candover KG

Chinedu Nwachukwu

Gillian A Salmon

Joseph H Allen

Patricia Stevens

Heather Skerry

Vincent Spears

Megan Gonsalves

Mike Handbury

Barbara P Mobbs

Sylvia R Tull

Harry Allen

Colin Ellis

James Warren

Jacqueline Plumb

Noel Morrissey

Janell M Lanyi

Molly Clement

Joan I Norris

Bobbie Hall

Paul Smith

Kim Cook

Gordon Creasey

Brenda Smith

Anthony G Baker (Statistics, 1949)

Oscar W Jans (Christianity and The Arts, 2014)

Trevor Kettle

Carole Grant

Clive Rudkin

David L Schild

Professor Paul Hirst

Penelope Dakeyne

Sybil Gottlieb

Marie-Claire L Oakley (Philosophy, 2012)

Ann G Lang

Gaia Servadio

Reginah Adeyemo

Professor Michael L Rutter CBE MD FRCPsych FRS (Psychology, 1959)

Susan Whitbread

Robert Brown

Tadeusz Bradecki

Steve Sellers

Peter S McCarthy

Bernie Jones

Kevin A Murfin

Malcolm Blunn

Aneesha Masoud

Kayvan Walker (Medicine - MBBS, 2014)

Sylvia Morbin

Sumeta Philips

Richard Rae

Janes Robey

Frances G Twambley (née Brown) (Secretarial Studies, 1975)

Dr Martin E Anthoney AKC (Chemistry)

Jane Pheby

Joyce Williams

Peter J Hassan

Carmen Wiggan

Arthur Franklin

John Mathieson

Roderick Hastie (Industrial Economics, 1969)

Andrew Parker

Malcolm D Osumundson MBE

Mary Goodsell

Maureen Deefholts

Carol Gould

Michael Omotayo

Abdul Jabbar

Trevor Cross

Linda Spencer

Cherry Tapner

Melissa Hughes

Rose C Acton AKC (History, 2013)

Hilary Cutts

Alex Carter

Maureen Viggiani

Peter Charles C Woodley

Dr Michael W Dunwoody MBBS (Medicine, 1960)

Dr John Richardson

Robert P Wright

Patricia Castles

Paul Wilderspin

Janet Ransom

Norma M Clark

Stephen R Jones

John C Sweet

Paul Smith

Meher Tengra

Ian Layram

Gladys Lee

Leocardia Furashisha

Graham J Walsgrov

Georgia Eatherley

Barry Parkin

Anthony Veatrite

Kathryn Steford

Roger E Dawson

Laura Bisset

Bernard J Rofe (Sociology, 1969)

Elisabeth Gerver

Katie Lawrie

Amber-May Appleton

Anita Stewart

Nora A Barnes

Paul H Burgess

Neil Mustoe

John H Bates

Fiona Ross

Dr Fiona Ross

Lee Man Tat

Richard J Ponting (Business Administration)

Michael S White

Pam Creed

Margaret Clapham (Education, 1968)

Justyna Szymanek

Professor John H Elliott FBA FKC

Michael Davies

Cynthia Best

Dr Ian McFarlane

Valerie Fulcher

Anne Hart

Dr David Band

Graham Psekett

Shifau Danuda

Bradley Persell

Dr John Tudor MBBS (1973)

James Sandes

Rita Ennor

Dorothy J Rumens

Agnieszka Chomka

Peter Rusbridge

Robert Lowndes

Leona Hansby-Sharp (née Hansby-Maund) (Advanced Practice, 2015)

Alice Goff

Henry Lee

Derek Tullett CBE Hon DSc

Arthur Nayler

Max Lawrence

Charlie Holdaway

Paul Jacobs

Elizabeth Naylor

Nina Bllard

Giovanni Cattani

Graham Hewiit

Paul W Rogers

Norah S Burrows

Joan Tebay

Dr Andrew Griffiths

Joanne Brown

Gavin Morse

Joyce E Jones

Julie Duerden

Carole R Jenkins

Brian C Osgood

Charles R Scott

Dr Rhoda J Goldberg (née Wulkan) (Law, 2013)

George Anastasoaei

Barry C Gatehouse

Susie J Mason

Martin Baker

Lionel D Elton

David King

Steven Shuttleworth

Margaret E Crosskey

Rupert Wood

Vivien Fung

Baby Jannah

Jennifer Wilkes

Jennifer Hart

David Bodell

John Richardson

Amelia Whittaker

Guy Johnson

Linda Tipping

Daniel Abdilla

Ivri Messing

Kenneth Sevenoakes

Joan Green

Bill Beadle

Owen Sketchley

Yvonne Turner

Alfie Powell

Jasodaben K Popat

Manuel De Freitas

Princesita Bisnar

Gloria Raposo

Denise Capstick

Wendy Gavan

Patricia White

Terrance W Carp

Michelle F Ivors

Kantibhai Patel

Ollie Johnson

Margaret Lawson

David H Till

Melvyn Johns

Joan Gray

Niall Hickey

Alastair MacDonald

Dr Elhak Ejaz

Bernard Smith

Patricia Phillips

Harold Goulbourne

Keith Fraser

John C Sadler

Mary D'Arcy

Mavis Fabling

Bamber Gascoigne

David Lansdell

Maureen Thompson Southern

Rose Farrin

Simon Robinson

Beatrice M Steel

Robert Fenwick

Joyce Clay

Simon Roberts

Teresa Gallagher

Victor Allen

Billy Driscoll

Keith Trevithick

Bhasker Patel

Jackie Kent

Iris W Mosley

Barbara Bourne

Lady June Richards

Harry Allen

Alan Matthews

Muhammad Pbuh Jacob

Funmi Namabiri

Jessica Collette Harding

Dorothy E Finlayson

Robert D Johnson

Anne Harvey

Julie Davies

Margaret L Potts

Brian D Hayes

Robert Ramsdale

Terry Russell

Jack D Campbell

Rod Castle

Phoenix Berry

Joseph Menner

George Alexander

Christine Richard

Nick Bundy

Valerie Hopkins

Majorie Hopkins

Lorna Desmond

Winifred Stanlake

Rajesh K Patel (Physics, 1983)

Hazel Scrimgeour

Maureen Barton

Mohammed Farooq Khan

Professor Richard Robinson

Anthony Smith CBE

Calvin Bell

Professor Peter Mackridge

Peter Gunn

Peter Hassan

Josephine Merivale

Darren Hughes

Andrea T Collar

Norman Foster

Christopher Hurley

Howard Crane

William Morgan

Dr Roberta Tomber

Lubna Siddiq

Valerie A Patterson

Philippa Dunseath

Winston Bygrave

Mary Potter

Chris Daisy 

Sue heppenstall

Noyona Chanda

James Brokenshire

Ian Isaacs

Nicholas O'Flynn

Gillian Dew

Michael H Scholfield (Geography, 1958)

David Graty

Ellie Laskey

Paul Mitchell

Costa Loizou

Peter Duncan

Christopher R Rumble

Christina Miller

Avryl Turner

Huseyin S Kasap

Fred Private

Marie K Lambert

Velichka Kaloferova

Anne Wadey

Michael Ruggins

Elizabeth D Rekow FKC

Theresa Dowsett

June Inman

Gus Doskey

Graham Blanchett

Sherine Murray

Lily Safra

Mary E Jones

Josh Ivins

Dorothea Wadey

Lilian J Boon

Pauline A kerins

Brenda Trenowden CBE

Roger Annett

Lata Bharania

Declan Gibbens

Alan Bennett

Hector Carzana

Royston C Evans

Harlow-Bleu Humphris

Jessica Maynard

Sydney Hulls

Terence Wakefield

Teresa Hughes

Ivor Joynes

Lynne Applegarth

The Revd John Waller

The Hon Tessa Keswick (FKA Annabel Terese) FKC

John Waller (Engineering)

Colin F Smart

Judy Villiers-charlton

Icyline Sinclair

Jacqueline Whittingham

Sir Gordon S Downey

Trevor Symonds

Vanessa Cash

Tom J Lambe

Ula Griffiths

Claudine Fear

Sir Angus M Grossart CBE LLD DL FRSE

John A Canning (Education 1963)

Lily G Turner

Sampson Gyampo

Baroness Sally Greengross of Notting Hill OBE

Josephine Cookney

Professor David Ganderton

William H Martin

Edda Gayton

Derek Bruckshaw

Dr James R Alcorn

Ernest Tindall

Oma Joe

Hamish McDermott

Rita Tengra

Said Al-Khaldi

Jean Glanville

James J Meehan

Joy Leaton

Stella Kenny

Dr Catherine Wills

Rosemary Orr

Naomi Tucker

Robin Valk

Anthony Mitton

Professor Harrison Birtwistle CH FKC

Professor Joseph Raz

Rose D'Costa

Yvonne Kinvig

Salvatore Malluzzo

Violet E Tredge

Stephen Gibbons

Charles W Owen

Jan Webb

Maria Siqueira

Vijayamanohar Vijayaindra

David Udell

Nicola Kilby

David Bridge

Morris Bishop

Barry Williams

Sheila Pearce

Raymond Lawrence

Ruth A Cooksley

Anthony Simpson

Sister Anne J Benyon

Norma Hall

Dietrich Mateschitz

Anthony Vecsey

Barbara Zissell

James Deeney

Professor Martin Hughes

John Muir

Timothy S Keen

Stephen Marriott

Seth Fosu

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild FKC

Boniface Ugwu

Alan L Bennett

Veronica Pinch

Jesus Manuel Martin Marcos

Buckland J Sheppard

Jack Berry

Eva Chang

Margaret Lloyd

Timothy Fullager

Roy G Lathwell

Beryl Poole

Jean I Inwards

Kevin McDonagh

Eliza Preece

Julie Lord

Stella Davies

Geoffrey K Martin

Grace L Lippard

Raymond I Cousins

Anthony Parish

Alfred J Smith

Melanie Newman

Wendy J King

Harriet Downing

Sarah M Noden

Diana Mukuma

Sharad D Keskar

Simon Roberts

Joan Margaret Brown

Isabella Britto

Valerie Loach

Christopher Davison

John Bilsby


Dr Arthur P Preece MA MB BChir Cantab DObst RCOG (Medicine, 1964)

Dr James F Adams MBBS LMSSA DRCOG (Medicine, 1958)

Dr John Tudor MBBS (Medicine, 1957)

Dr Sydney C Scott MD FRCGP FRCP BS MD MRCGP DCH DRCOG (Medicine, 1953)

Dr Julian Candy FRCO FRCPsych (Medicine, 1963)

Dr Terence J Mott MBBS (Medicine, 1956)

Dr Charles R Martin-Bates MBBS (Medicine, 1965)

Dr Thomas A Harrison MB BS FRCS (Medicine, 1968)

Andrew L Gunn MA MB BChir FRCS (Medicine, 1956)

Dr Clifford E Harley MB BS MRCS LRCP DRCOG DPhysMed (Medicine, 1959)

David A Reese BDS LDS (Dentistry, 1956)

Thomas A Kolb BDS LDS FDS DOrth (Dentistry, 1959)

David R Boswell BDS LDS (BDS Dentistry, 1949; LDS, 1950)

Dr Jeremy S Brewer MB BS MRCS LRCP MRCGP DCH DRCOG (Medicine, 1960)

Dr Michael G Hodge BDS FDS MB BS (Dentistry, 1967)

Dr Charles K Millman MBE BDS LDS (Dentistry, 1956)

Dr Brian Donovan MB MBBS MRCS LRCP FFEAM (Medicine, 1964)

Barbara M Andrews BDS LDS (née Cox) (Dentistry, 1960)

Michael D Murray BDS LDS (Dentistry, 1963)

Annette Greenwood BDS LDS (née Hasquencort) (Dentistry, 1960)

Dr Derek S Robinson MBBS MRCS LRCP FFEAM (Medicine, 1952)

Dr Anthony J Salmon MBBS DCH DRCOG (Medicine, 1949)

Dr Michael J Lavine TD MBBS MRCS LRCP (Medicine, 1957)

Dr Wilmer P Fitch FRCGP MRCS LRCP MD(USA) (Medicine, 1935)

Brian J West LDS DDPH  (Dentistry, 1960)

Dr Edward Young MB BS MRCS LRCP FFARCS DRCOG DA (Medicine, 1961)

Dennis Bailey (Dentistry)

Harry S Irvine LDS (Dentistry, 1952)

Dr David J Allan MSc MA MB BChir FRCPath (Medicine, 1963)

Jane E Cremer BDS (née Maye) (Dentistry, 1989)

Dr John D Stephens (Medicine, 1967)


Dr Michael F Bush MBBS FFCM DPH DCH (Medicine, 1958)

Dr Alan S Cooper MB MBBS MRCS LRCP FFEAM (Medicine, 1960)

Dr David J Davies MRCS LRCP MRCGP DObst RCOG (Medicine, 1955)

Dr Stephen O Roberts MA MB BChir MRCS LRCP FRCP (Medicine, 1960)

Dr William A Brown LDS DOrth MSc PhD (Dentistry, 1950)

John E Cardwell BDS FDS (Dentistry, 1953)

Dr Kenneth G Evans MBBS MRCS LRCP RCGD DRCOG DCH (Medicine, 1962)

Professor Roy O Weller  (Medicine, 1961)

Professor Tak H Lee CBE MD ScD FRCP FRCPath FHKCP FKC (Medicine, 1975)

Dr Simon S Brook MB MRCS MRCGP DRCOG (Medicine, 1961)

Michael D Sanders  (Medicine, 1959)

Dr Judith M Haworth (née Graham) (Medicine, 1974)

Dr Niall W Kirkpatrick BDS MB BS MD FRCS (BDS Dentistry, 1984; MBBS Medicine, 1990)

Richard B Rome BDS (Dentistry, 1978)

Irvin Rosenthal LDS (Dentistry, 1959)

Dr John M McCormack BDS LDS DDS (Dentistry, 1958)

John Metcalf LDS DOrth FDS (Dentistry, 1955)

David C Inman LDS (Dentistry, 1958)

Owen T Emanuel BDS LDS (Dentistry, 1969)

Norman J Hills LDS (Dentistry, 1954)

Dr Colin H Smith MA MSc BM BCh Oxon FRCGP DCH (Medicine, 1957)

Dr John D Eustace FRCGP MRCS LRCP DA DRCOG (Medicine, 1960)

Group Captain Roderick Boggia BDS LDS MGDS (Dentistry, 1963)

Dr Brian B Warren BDS LDS DDPH MA (RCS Dentistry, 1959; BDS, 1960)

Rosalind Allan (née Taylor) (1962)

St Thomas’s

Michael Briggs FRCS ENG MB BS LOND MSC (OXON) (Medicine, 1963)

Dr Iain A Brooksby MB BChir(Cantab) FRCP (Medicine, 1969)

Dr Quentin G Livingstone MB BS LOND DRCOG DCH MRCGP (Medicine, 1967)

Dr Malcolm D Begley MA MB BCHIR CANTAB DOBST RCOG MRCGP MRCS (Medicine, 1958)

John K Brigg FRCS MA MB BCHIR CANTAB (Medicine, 1968)

Dr Keith Jones MB BS FRCOG (Medicine, 1965)

Dr David F Shepherd FRCS FRCR MA MB BCHIR (Medicine, 1969)

Dr Irene P Harman FRCGP MRCS LRCP (née Skoyles) (Medicine, 1961)

Dr David J Williams (Medicine, 1964)


Professor James G Malone-Lee MB BS LOND MRCP(UK) (Medicine, 1975)

Dr David W Haslam  (Medicine, 1985)

Dr Ernest T Roberts MA MB BCHIR CANTAB (Medicine, 1947)

Dr Aym(Bey) Salama Abdel DMRE CANTAB (Medicine)

Steven P O'Malley MB BS LOND FRCS (Medicine, 1977)

Dr Denis T Brennan CONJT DOBST RCOG MAJOR RAMC (Medicine, 1966)

Dr Derek J Beale MBBChir FRCP (Medicine, 1965)

Dr Peter J Swinglehurst MB BChir Cantab DObst RCOG (Medicine, 1959)

Dr Jean G Muncey MB (née Dalrymple)  (Medicine, 1955)

Dr Roger H Gillett MB BCHIR (Cantab) (Medicine, 1964)

Dr Edmund Carr-Saunders MA MB BS MRCP LOND DCH (Medicine, 1960)

Dr Roger H Jago MB BChir MA CANTAB FRCA (Medicine, 1969)

Queen Elizabeth College

Patricia M Cox (née Symes) (Household & Social Sciences, 1954)

Dr Charles H Hoy (Mathematics, 1963)

Maureen Vaswani (née Longden) (Physics, 1960)

R Cannon (Management Studies, 1960)

Margaret Gunstone (née Wood) (Nursing Studies, 1972)

Susie Evershed (née Matthews) (Household & Social Sciences, 1955)

Audrey Randall (née Bennett) (1958)

Gloria Holmes (née Duxberry) (Household Science, 1959)

Chelsea College

Rowan P Mould (née Garnier) (Mathematics, 1983)

Professor Brian Morton OBTE J.P., C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E. (Zoology, 1966; PhD Ecology, 1969)

Dr Peter A Sabine (Geology, 1942)

Dr Alan Metcalf (Pharmacy, 1955)

Michael Shaw (Pharmacology/Pharmacy, 1951)

Sunila Chotai (née Pujara) (Pharmacy, 1981;  MSc, 1985; Pharmacology, 1985)

John E Blake (Pharmacology, 1963)

United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St Thomas'

Professor Emerita Patricia A Reynolds BDS MBBS PhD FDS (Dentistry, 1977; Medicine, 1984)

Normanby College

Barbara Fenner (née Turner)

Royal Dental Hospital

Gordon L Goldman BDS LDS (Dentistry, 1956)

John C Rubie LDS (Dentistry, 1946)

John G Owen BDS (Dentistry, 1947)

Professor Alan Dolby FDS MDBCh (Dentistry, 1955)

Dr Warren I Shear LDS


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