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01 January 2019

Obituaries July - December 2018

Obituaries received from your fellow alumni dating July to December 2018.


We are sad to report on the following obituaries that we received between July - December 2018.

You can also find collections of obituaries from previous months.

While we make every effort to verify the information here, which is selected and edited, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

If you have concerns over any content, please contact the Alumni Office at

Chelsea College

Miss Jayshri M Amin 
Pharmacy, 1977

Mr Bryan H Hartley
Pharmacy, 1961

Mr John A Day
Pharmacology/Pharmacy, 1959

Mr Andrew C Milnes
Pharmacy, 1969

Lady Shersby
Pharmacy, 1985



Mr Charles Ashworth BDS LDS
Dentistry, 1961

Dr Peter W Briggs MRCS LRCP FFPHM 
Medicine, 1967

Dr Raymond W Brotherwood MBBS MRCS LRCP DRCOG
Medicine, 1952

Dr John C Burt MB BS DA CCFP(C)
Medicine, 1954

Mr John P K Carver LDS 
Dentistry, 1962

Dr Kenneth J Collins BSc DPhil Oxon MBBS MRCS LRCP FRCP 
Medicine, 1974

Mr William A Dearlove BDS LDS
Dentistry, 1957

Professor Robin A J Eady MBE DSc FRCP FMedSci 
Medicine, 1967

Dr Huw W S Francis MA MBBChir FFCM DPH
Medicine, 1952

Dr Roy French MRCS LRCP
Medicine, 1947

Dr Keith C Hammond MBBS FRCP(C)
Medicine, 1958

Mr Lincoln P Harrison BDS MRCS LRCP 
Dentistry, 1971

Mr Richard J Hart BDS LDS DDS 
Dentistry, 1944

Medicine, 1965

Medicine, 1942

Mr Alan Leigh-Browne LDS 
Dentistry, 1962

Dr Michael L Maberley BDS LDS 
Dentistry, 1960

Dr Graham Owen BDS LDS
Dentistry, 1977

Dr Geoffrey Pearson MBE LDS 
Dentistry, 1954

Dr Robert H Pownall BDS LDS 
Dentistry, 1952

Mr David G Roberts BDS LDS
Dentistry, 1941

Dr John A F Roberts CBE MA MB BChir DSc FRS MD FRCP FRCPsych 
Medicine, 1936

Ms Angela S Smith (née Suen) BDS 
Dentistry, 1996

Mr John Stott BDS FDS
Dentistry, 1951

Dr David Q Trounce MBBS MD FRCP DCH
Medicine, 1944


Institute of Psychiatry

Dr Alexander C Brown
Psychiatry, 1961

Dr Christopher J Farmer BA BM BCH Oxon MRCP Lond MRCPsych
Psychiatry, 1972

Dr Donald F Scott
Psychological Medicine, 1963

Dr Benjamin Steinberg
Psychological Medicine, 1952

Dr Cesar T Wahby
Psychological Medicine, 1965


Queen Elizabeth College

Professor D P Gupta 
PhD, Biology, 1970

King’s College London

Dr Maurice Baker
English, 1951

Miss Donia C Baldacchino
Nursing Studies , 1993

Mr Richard P Barreau
Physics , 1996

Mrs Sophie V Beeton (nee Bayley)
Music, 1993; MMus Music, 2003

Mr T A Berthoud
French, 1988

Mr Gregory P Branagan 
Law, 2009

Dr Paul R Brass MBBS
Medicine, 1958

Mr Peter Butler
Chemistry, 1951

PhD Physiology, 1958

Dr Lucille B S Cairns 
French, 1986; PhD French, 1990

Mrs Sonia C Churchill (née Carr)
English, 1966

Mr John D Clarke AKC
General, 1952

Mr Robert A Clough
Chemistry, 1965

Dr John S Coe
Botany, 1949; PhD Chemistry, 1959

Mr Raymond Collins
PGDip European Union Law, 1994

Mrs Phylis M Dale (née Ward)
Geography, 1939

Miss Stephanie L Daman 
History, 1982

Dr J K Dauncey 
Medicine, 1956

Mr Gerald T Doherty 
English , 1968

Mrs Barbara Dutton (née Hornsby)
Mathematics, 1949

Miss Kirsty Edgson
DipHE Nursing Studies, 1998

Miss Donna I Egemonye
Biopharmacy, 1998

Mr Raymond J Foster
Theology, 1968

Professor Dennis Wood
French, 1969

Dr Margaret B Mearns

Medicine, 1951

Mrs Lynn Free (née Brownhill) MEd BSc AKC MCMI
Geography, 1956

Ms Margaret Freeman
PGCE Education, 1954

Dr Gordon W Gamlen FRCA (FFARCS)
Natural Science, 1957

Miss Joyce Taylor Greenwood
English, 1941

Mr Raymond G Gregory
English, 1952

Dr John B Hainsworth
PhD Classics, 1963

Professor Herbert J Hallworth AKC
Geography, 1938

Dr James K Hambling
Chemistry 1954; PhD Organic Chemistry, 1957

Ms Elizabeth J Harrison 
French, 1967

Mrs Margaret M Henshall
PGCE Education, 1993

Mr Dennis W Higgins
Unknown, 1953

Ms Nicola C Hood
Psychology, 2011

Mrs Pauline A Hulse (née Eley)
Chemistry, 1963

Mr Stanley C Jeffs C.Eng. MIEE
Electronics, 1947

Mr Gordon Juden AKC
French, 1962

Mr Eiichi Kawata 
Law, 1981

Lady Gilly M Keith
DipHE Midwifery Practice and Registration as a Midwife, 2008

Dr Michel A Kessick
Chemistry, 1961; PhD Physical Chemistry, 1965

Mr Ian J Kirby AKC 
English, 1955

Mrs Josephine A Malvestiti (née Adams)
French, 1947

Dr Charles L Mansfield MRCS LRCP
Medicine, 1952

Mr David S McIlfatrick 
Computer Science, 1987

Mr John J Mooney
Education, 1990

Mr Robert G T Morgan
Physics, 1960

Mrs Susan J Mummery (née Valentine)
MA Child Studies, 2002

Mr Adil J Nazarali
Pharmacy, 1980

Dr Ronald S Peachey
Medicine, 1956

Mrs Margaret M Pearson (née Simpson)
English, 1950

Mrs Denise Reading (née Green)
Classics, 1965

Mr Ian D Riddler
Unknown, 1987

Mr Antony J R Rowbotham
Electrical Engineering, 1961

Mr John R Salvage
Medicine, 1989

Miss Edith Mary Seaton
Chemistry, 1947

Miss Diella N Singarayer
Biochemistry, 1990

Mrs Jill Smith (née Harrison)
French, 1967

Dr Carey E Smithen FRSC
Chemistry, 1959

Mr Dennis A Sowter
Engineering, 1953

Mrs Sylvia Spokes (née Johnson)
French, 1946

Mrs Judith Sproxton (née Tudor-Hart)
French, 1967

Dr Evelyn Stevens AKC
Zoology, 1958

Dr D V Stott MBBS
Medicine, 1940

Dr Jacqueline A C Suter
History, 1973

Mr Kenneth S Sutherland C Eng, C Chem
Chemistry, 1952

Sir David Tang KBE
Philosophy, 1975

Mr Roger Tatchell
Zoology, 1953

Mrs Doreen M Tosswill (née Henry) 
Geography, 1950; PGCE Education, 1951

Mr Antony J Turner
PGDip Education Studies, 1987

Mr Alfred M Turner
Dentistry, 1950

Dr John C Ward
Chemistry, 1949; Physical Chemistry, 1952

Dr John C Ward 
Chemistry, 1949

Mr Michael A I White
Chemistry, 1982

Ms Anne G Woodall BSc 
Mathematics, 195

Mrs Alison Woodhead
French, 1947


King's College School of Medicine and Dentistry

Mr Jose Balaguer-Morris BDS Lond
Dentistry, 1969

Dr Roger S J Buxton KStJ MRCS LRCP MBBS 
Medicine, 1948

Mr Paul J Farren BDS
Dentistry, 1968

Mr James N Peppitt BDS LDS RCS
Dentistry, 1961


St Thomas’

Mr Tim D Anderson MA MB BChir Cantab FRCOG

Dr Anthony R Christmas MBBS Lond
Medicine, 1954

Mr A James Nicholas Dennison FRCS (Ed) LRCP MRCS
Medicine, 1964

Professor Walter Holland CBE FKC
Physiology, 1951; Medicine, 1954

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