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23 August 2019

Our favourite cultural hotspots for young people

Five must-see museums, galleries and festivals in London

'Get Up, Stand Up Now' at Somerset House - A major exhibition celebrating the past 50 years of Black creativity in Britain and beyond. Now showing until 15 Sep 2019.  Image copyright: Peter Macdiarmid
'Get Up, Stand Up Now' at Somerset House - A major exhibition celebrating the past 50 years of Black creativity in Britain and beyond. Now showing until 15 Sep 2019. Image copyright: Peter Macdiarmid

Congratulations to all of our new students joining us in September!


We’re delighted to welcome you to the #KingsCulturalCommunity.

Anyone and everyone can be part of this community. You can find out about some of the initiatives supported led by the Culture team on our student pages, checking out our Instagram @CulturalKings, or find out about upcoming arts and culture events on the 'Events' section of our website.

The Culture team also support and lead on cultural exhibitions and events within the university. Viewing the Invisible (2-20 September at the Arcade at Bush House) brings together scientists and artists to explore the similarities in their working methods; Sara Shamma: Modern Slavery (1 October - 22 November, also at the Arcade) brings a raw artistic perspective to human trafficking.

'Sara Shamma: Modern Slavery' 1 October – 22 November 2019 | Monday – Friday 10.00 – 17.00 Arcade at Bush House Copyright: Sara Shamma
To help you get your bearings on London’s vast and vibrant cultural scene, we thought we’d share five of our favourite cultural organisations who run amazing events for young people.  



1. Science Gallery London

Science Gallery London connects art, science and health to drive innovation in the heart of the city. Each new season places King’s research at its core, enabling innovative collaborations between artists, academics and students. A diverse events programme also accompanies each season, with many events and activities designed for and created in collaboration with young people and King’s students.

Science Gallery London

The upcoming season ON EDGE: Living in an Age of Anxiety will explore anxiety from different perspectives and lived experience. More detailed information and events programme coming soon – follow @scigallerylon for more!



2. Emerge Festival

The newest festival on the block, Emerge Festival is big on creativity and low on convention. Think 'Night at the Museum' meets Glastonbury, with 43 unique events in 43 venues across London.  


Featuring more live music than you can handle (including a silent disco), an aristocrat’s scandal themed soiree, an escape room, a theatrical demonstration of a Victorian amputation – there’s something for everyone.



3. Somerset House

One of our favourite neighbours, Somerset House is more than just a space to grab a coffee and take a picture in the stunning courtyard. A working arts centre, Somerset House is home to an exciting creative community that hosts an incredible range of exhibitions, live music performances and events.

Upcoming events include the tenth annual Wysing Polyphonic festival, celebrating the Wysing Arts Centre as an experimental arts space, as well as the annual Somerset House Studios AGM, which sees artists take over Admiralty HQ in an intense performance-led programme.



4. Wellcome Collection

The home of all things scientific with a generous sprinkling of kooky, Wellcome Collection is one of our favourite exhibition spaces. It also has incredible Reading Room to study, read and relax in.

Open late every Thursday, Wellcome Collection also hosts more structured-late night events such as performances, lectures and tours to tie in with their current exhibitions.  



5. V&A

The home of the Friday Late, the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum is also the world’s leading museum on art and design. A celebration of the creative process, the V&A is your go-to for blockbuster exhibitions, exquisite fashion, architecture and photography, as well as some of the best museum events in town.

Friday Lates are hosted on the last Friday of every month and are free. The next Late ‘No Place Like Home’ considers what the concept of home means to each of us. Take part in a queer house party, consider how smart technologies merge our private and public lives and hear stories of those who’ve crossed borders to call a new place home. Also worth checking out is the London Design Festival which starts on Saturday 14 September.



What are your favourite cultural institutions to visit in London? Which events are you keen to attend? Tweet us @CulturalKings!