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04 November 2019

Our students and graduates need you

Share your experience and develop your leadership skills by mentoring.

A student talks to a mentor

Share your experience and develop your leadership skills by mentoring

Are there things you wish you’d known when you were starting your career?   
Have you gained experience and expertise that could help a student or graduate?  

Do you have some tips you’d like to pass on to the next generation?

We all remember how daunting it was entering the world of work. Whatever career path you’ve taken, your experience and insight is more valuable than you might realise. So why not share what you’ve learnt by becoming a mentor? Your help could make a big difference to a student or graduate. Plus mentoring can be a great way to hone your own leadership skills, advance your career and get that next promotion.

Over 2,000 students and graduates on King's Connect seeking help

Mentoring a King’s graduate has never been easier. You can now connect with our community anywhere in the world through the new King’s Connect online platform. We currently have more than 2,000 students and young graduates from 75 countries, registered and seeking your help. 

Signing up to King's Connect is quick and easy

1. Register with your email address or Google, LinkedIn or Facebook account
2. Set up your profile including the kind of help you can offer
3. Connect

Once you’re set up, you’re in control of how mentees contact you and the type of help you can offer them. How much time you give is completely up to you, from being available to answer questions to developing a fuller mentoring relationship. The platform is easy to use; members can be searched for by industry, job function, subject studied, year of graduation, location or area of expertise.

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Develop your own leadership skills

Many alumni say that being a mentor has helped their own career. It’s can be a great way to practice and develop your own leadership skills outside of your workplace. It can help you:

·      Develop your listening, questioning, empathising and rapport-building skills

·      Develop leadership and management behaviours

·      Hone your development and coaching skills

·      Reflect on your own career 

·      Expand your professional network

·      Engage in volunteering, an activity valued by employers

'Mentoring at King's has been immensely rewarding. I would urge other alumni who can spare the time to get involved!
Matthew Konneh (Pharmacology, 1991)

'For me, mentoring is a great way to connect with other people who are trying to figure out their careers and to give back to our King’s community.   Share your own experience. It is more relevant and helpful than you think.’
Barbara Stahley (Human Resource Management, 2003)

Sign up to King's Connect now!

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