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11 February 2021

PhD student Joshua Moo wins the Christopher J Thompson award by the IEEE Medical Imaging Conference 2021

Mr Moo’s research aims to improve the efficiency of cancer surgeries

joshua moo

Mr Moo’s research aims to improve the efficiency of cancer surgeries through the integration signal and image processing methods with AI and deep learning for an intraoperative probe.

This would ultimately improve the quality of life for patients who underwent cancer surgery by reducing re-operation rates and the need for additional drug treatments.

Featuring on the British Science Week campaign in 2020, Mr Moo has since explored a deep learned image reconstruction method which could be integrated into the probe for improved visualisation of cancerous tissue during surgery.

“It is a great honour to receive this award and it is extremely encouraging to know that my work is being recognised in the medical imaging community,” he said.

Joshua's project is an exciting integration of nuclear medicine imaging methods with AI and is an excellent example of bringing together imaging with surgical and interventional engineering. It is great to see how his rapid achievements in this area have been recognised by the medical imaging community through award of this prize.

Dr Andrew Reader, Professor of Imaging Sciences

Mr Moo said: “I’d like to acknowledge Andrew Reader, Paul Marsden and Kunal Vyas for their supervision and guidance. My achievements would not have been possible without their valuable and constructive ideas and suggestions.”