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10 March 2023

PhD students to host military innovation and defence workshop at King's

Researchers are invited to present their work on military innovation at the workshop held in May.

Military Innovation

PhD students from the School of Security Studies will hold a two-day workshop on 4 and 5 May to enable doctoral students to advance their knowledge of military innovation studies, enhance connections with senior scholars and promote a network of young scholars in the field.

The event will discuss the complex and multidimensional nature of the process of military innovation, exploring a wide range of scholarly contributions, covering civil-military relations, technological advancements, advocacy networks, security competition, culture and more.

“Whenever military organisations face major change, they must innovate to adopt new policies from civilian leaders, deal with distinct security environments, or simply adapt to changes in society and technology. So, studying military innovation through cross-national, multi-theory, and decolonial perspectives can help us better understand the shift in defence policies and military organisations. Ultimately, studies of success and failures to innovate play a key role in supporting civilian and military policymakers to draft effective defence policies in the future”

Raphael Lima.

Postgraduate students and early career researchers are also invited to apply to present their research on military innovation at the workshop.  

“Our doctoral workshop is an innovation in itself. It is an unprecedented change for postgraduate students and early career researchers to present their work and network with policymakers in the area. We will offer a fantastic opportunity to connect PGRs, ECRs, senior scholars, and policymakers on defence reform and military innovation. So, our workshop is more than just a simple doctoral workshop. It is also an opportunity to connect, network, get feedback from more experienced scholars, and learn from policymakers. […] We encourage PhD students from all levels to join our doctoral workshop!”

Raphael Lima.

To apply to present in the 'King's Doctoral Workshop on Military Innovation and Defence Reform', authors should send an extended abstract, an entire article, or a thesis chapter to by 2 April 2023.

More information on the submission process can be found here. 

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