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26 August 2022

Podcast explores research, treatment and patient experiences of cancer diagnosis and therapy

The Bigger Picture Podcast explores current cancer research and ways we can improve patients' experience of cancer diagnosis


Researchers from the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences have created a sixteen-episode season of podcasts that talks about developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment, how to improve patients' experience of cancer diagnosis and shares personal stories of living with cancer.

The Bigger Picture podcast was created by Translational Radiopharmacist Dr Maggie Cooper, and funded by a grant from the Public Engagement fund in the Centre for Medical Engineering (CME) at King's College London.

Dr Cooper was awarded the CME’s large public engagement grant to date in November 2020 to develop her podcast series. The podcast features interviews with patients and researchers covering a variety of topics from how radioisotopes are developed, to how sport has helped individuals in their recovery journey.

Through talking together, we can find better ways to diagnose and treat cancer, improve patients' experience of cancer diagnosis and keep audiences up to date with exciting developments in the field of cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Dr Maggie Cooper, Radiopharmacist Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Translational Radiopharmacy

Maggie’s podcast is a fantastic initiative that connects the research community with patients. This is fundamental as it provides researchers with an understanding of the lived experience of the people that their work seeks to serve. It's been great to see researchers across the CME get involved as guests on the podcast and develop their communication and engagement skills.

Bella Spencer, Public and Patient Engagement Coordinator

This initiative was funded by the CME's large public engagement grant scheme. The scheme is open to all staff and students in the centre, who can apply for up to £3,000 to deliver public and patient involvement and engagement (PPIE) activities related to their research. Visit Centre for Medical Engineering for further information.

Season One of The Bigger Picture is available now.

If you’re a researcher or patient interested in getting involved in a public or patient engagement project at the CME, please contact the public engagement team via