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05 June 2019

President's Wreath for Dr. Lewis-Greene

Dr Helena Lewis-Greene was recently presented with the KCLSU President's Wreath.

KCLSU Award Dr Helena Lewis-Greene
KCLSU Award recipient Dr Helena Lewis-Greene

Dr Helena Lewis-Greene, Head of Student Welfare for the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences was recently presented with the KCLSU President's Wreath.

The award is given to a non-student contributor in recognition of outstanding service to the student community after demonstrating consistent dedication. 

In one of the many nominations made for Dr Lewis-Greene, the students told us how she has done a phenomenal amount for the benefit and wellbeing of the student body.

They agreed that as Head of Student Welfare for the faculty, she acts to ensure that the students are looked after and performing the best they can in an incredibly challenging degree.

Her open door policy and extremely approachable nature encourages students to seek her counsel and guidance, often providing very insightful and reassuring advice.

In the anonymous nomination, the student said that Dr Lewis-Greene enabled them to discuss problems which may be very difficult to speak openly about elsewhere. She is the embodiment of compassion and understanding within the faculty, a mental health and wellbeing champion, loved by staff and students alike and deserving of every form of recognition possible.

Dr Lewis-Greene is highly dedicated to her role and has served as a crucial lifeline to the extremely grateful student community.

Congratulations Dr Lewis-Greene.