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22 September 2014

Preventing the diversion of sensitive vacuum measuring equipment

As a leading manufacturer of capacitance manometers, an item used to measure near-vacuum pressures in semiconductor, pharmaceutical or advanced coating processes, MKS products are perhaps the best example of a dual-use ‘chokepoint technology’ – an item without which some forms of gaseous uranium enrichment could falter or even be set back.

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 This paper describes one logistical technique referred to by MKS as the “Controlled Delivery” model (or Direct Factory Shipment Program, DFSP) for reducing the systemic risk of sensitive dual-use technologies being diverted to proliferation programmes of concern through illicit trade. The adoption of this voluntary approach by MKS is an example of “Anti-proliferation” in practice – the concept of resilience to proliferation in companies’ supply chains. Click HERE to visit the publications page.

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