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07 July 2020

Pride 2020: Queer@King's hosts a series of online interviews and discussions with queer artists

To celebrate Pride 2020, Queer@King’s is hosting a series of online interviews and discussions with queer artists called ‘Queer@King’s online with... Queer Artists on their Work.’

Patricia Cronin, Bea Webster and Jess Chanliau
Patricia Cronin, Bea Webster and Jess Chanliau

Queer@King's is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary Centre for Research and Teaching on Gender and Sexuality Studies and provides a supportive and stimulating environment for queer work within and beyond the academy.

The ‘Queer@King’s online with... Queer Artists on their Work’ series will feature queer artists including:

  • 9 July - Patricia Cronin, an interdisciplinary conceptual artist whose work examines issues of gender, sexuality and social justice.
  • 16 July - Bea Webster, a deaf queer Scottish-Thai actor, theatre-maker, writer and drag queen who graduated with a BA Performance in British Sign Language and English from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
  • 23 July - Jess Chanliau, a trans/non-binary, multi-disciplinary clown and political actor.

This online series will be hosted by Maryanne Saunders, a member of Queer@King’s and PhD candidate in Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College London, whose research focuses on gender and sexuality in contemporary religious art. Each event of the series also includes live BSL interpretation, provided by Martin Fox-Roberts.

Pride 2020 is set to look and feel unlike any other before, but the toll that the pandemic lockdown is taking in particular on vulnerable LGBTQ+ people now confined to hostile environments only strengthens our resolve to sustain queer folks by keeping access to experiencing queer community open. I am so pleased that the lead organiser of this series, Katrin Schindel, has found a way to simultaneously celebrate queer life and art and to support queer artists, many of whom are now struggling more than ever. I hope that we can turn the adversity of the pandemic lockdown into a way of reaching more people and making our work more accessible.

Dr Sebastian Matzner, Director, Queer@King’s – Centre for Research & Teaching in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

To sign up for the online event series on queer artists, visit Queer@King’s event page.