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22 June 2020

Professor Ben Bowling on racism and policing

Professor Ben Bowling recently gave evidence to the Home Affairs Committee on racism and policing.

An photo showing the backs of two policemen.

His evidence addressed concerns raised about the policing of the Covid-19 lockdown, including reported disproportionality in fixed penalty notices issued to people from Black Asian and Minority Ethic (BAME) communities.

He told the Committee that he believed that, 'the data on Covid-19 fixed penalty notices and fines are troubling. They are indicative of a pattern of disproportionate policing against black and minority ethnic communities, which has persisted over time.'

Ben is Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at King's. He studies crime, criminal justice, policing and community safety. His recent work examines the extension of police power beyond the boundaries of the nation state and the resulting practical, political, ethical and legal problems.

Professor Bowling has also recently provided expert comment on this issue to the media including Radio 4, World Service, Deutsche Welle.

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