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24 September 2015

Professor Carl Bridge comments on Malcolm Turnbull's ministerial coup

Prof Bridge appears on ITN News, Al-Jeezera, HuffPost Live and CCTV's World Insight, China's equivalent to Newsnight with an estimated 500 million viewers.

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Professor Carl Bridge has made several appearances in the international media in reaction to Australia’s former communications minister Malcolm Turnbull’s ministerial coup ousting his rival Tony Abbott on 15 September. Following this historic defeat, Professor Bridge appeared on ITN News, Al Jeezera, New York-based HuffPost Live and CCTV’s World Insight, China’s equivalent to Newsnight with an estimated 500 million viewers. He comments that Turnbull, an ex-merchant banker as well as media-savvy former leader of the Australian Republican Movement, will make a bid to ameliorate the damage caused by Abbot’s hard-line budget and divisive social policies thus trying to steal the political middle ground from Labour. Professor Bridge continues that Turnbull will also stress innovation and agility in the economy as Australia moves towards next year’s general election.

Professor Bridge's appearance on HuffPost Live can be viewed here.

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