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06 July 2018

Professor David Whetham put in the Spotlight at PLuS Alliance

The PLuS Alliance chose to highlight Professor David Whetham's work in July

The PLuS Alliance chose to highlight Professor David Whetham's research this month

The PLuS Alliance logo
The PLuS Alliance logo

On a monthly basis the PLuS Alliance highlight interesting work from one of their fellows in a partner University. For July they chose Professor David Whetham from the Defence Studies Department regarding his extensive work in the blended/online learning in ethics.

Professor Whetham discusses and answers questions surrounding the perceived oxymoron that is ‘military ethics,’ opening up access to education globally, his motivation, drones, cyber-warfare, relationships with Australia and the US, global demand and his highly successful and globally used military ethics themed playing cards, and his love of medieval fencing.

Read the full Questions and answers here.

Professor Whetham is a Reader of Military Ethics based at the Joint Services Command and Staff College at the UK Defence Academy where he co-ordinates and delivers the military ethics component of courses for between two and three thousand British and international officers a year. He is a regular visiting lecturer in military ethics at the Baltic Defence College, the Military Academy in Belgrade and for the Brunei Armed Forces and is Vice President of the European Chapter of the International Society for Military Ethics (Euro ISME).

He is also Director of the Centre for Military Ethics which strives to conduct research in order to develop and promote best practice in its education and application across global defence and security forces.

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