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06 June 2024

Professor Linda Klavinskis elected as President of the International Society for Vaccines

Professor Klavinskis will serve as the President of the ISV over 2024 and 2025 term

Professor Linda Klavinskis

Professor Linda Klavinskis became the President of the International Society for Vaccines (ISV). Previously the President elect over the 2022-2023 term, Professor Klavinskis will serve as President of the ISV for two years over the 2024-2025 term.

The ISV is a global not-for-profit organization that aims to encourage, establish, and promote the development and use of vaccines to prevent and control infectious and non-infectious diseases in animals and humans.

Professor Klavinskis is a viral immunologist who has co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers and is a past Vice-Dean of Postgraduate Research in the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine. She was also a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists and elected as a President of the London based Medical Research Club.

An active member of the ISV for almost a decade, Professor Klavinskis has contributed to the ISV’s activities as a Board member, General Secretary over 2019-2020 and supporting the society in roles contributing to the Congress and webinars and the Awards and Prize committee.

It is an honour and privilege to serve as President of the ISV, an association that brings together talented scientists from across the globe at all stages of their careers to exchange knowledge, spark new ideas and inspire solutions to the most challenging human, animal, and One Health problems amenable to vaccine and immunotherapeutic interventions.

Professor Linda Klavinskis

Professor Klavinskis' research has focused on how the innate immune system regulates adaptive immune responses to pathogens, and uses this knowledge in the design of vaccines and adjuvants. She is engaged in translational research that has pursued the development of effective adjuvants for human vaccines, and developing vaccines that provide protection against viruses that infect mucosal surfaces.

Recently, her work has been influential in the development of microneedle delivery systems for skin immunization and her current research interests address the cellular immune response to virus infection and vaccination with a focus on developing effective vaccines against HIV, influenza A virus and emerging viral diseases.

As President one of Professor Klavinskis' priorities is to provide a focal hub through social media and webinars for the ‘Next Generation’ of ISV vaccinologists', supporting networking and opportunities for early career researchers (ECR) to advance their careers. Professor Klavinskis also has the goal of building a network of mentors to help support ECRs and raise awareness of ECR participation at the ISV annual Congress. 

Going forward, we have a lot to do as we expand our activities. I welcome members (at all stages of their careers) to come forward and join the work of our committees (

Professor Linda Klavinskis

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