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05 November 2019

Professor Prashant Jha joins King's as Head of Affordable Medical Technologies

King's School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences is excited to welcome Professor Jha to spearhead a critical function within the London Institute for Healthcare Engineering (LIHE).

Professor Prashant Jha joins King's College London

Professor Prashant Jha has joined the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences as the Head of Affordable Medical Technologies, set to spearhead a global centre of excellence for affordable medical technologies at the London Institute for Healthcare Engineering (LIHE)

The appointment of Professor Jha comes amid his expertise in the field of affordable healthcare technologies and multidisciplinary collaboration, a key element in the LIHE development strategy.

“Our appointment of Professor Jha equips the London Institute for Healthcare Engineering with a powerful resource that will undoubtedly ensure successful development of affordable healthcare technologies that will translate into clinic.”

Professor Sebastien Ourselin

Professor Jha has amassed a prolific global footprint, having set-up health technology innovation programs worldwide in Australia, Japan, Europe and India, creating curriculums fostering multidisciplinary collaboration and training health technology leaders around the globe.

“You must have multidimensional views of individual problems and the best way is to bring people from different disciplines – not only engineers and doctors but also those in sales, marketing, business, humanities various disciplines – anyone with an interest in fixing healthcare,” Professor Jha said.

“Developing affordable healthcare is critical even in advanced economies, and as the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences is uniquely embedded within a foundation trust hospital, gives researchers and clinicians a greater opportunity to gather insights.”

“We can work those insights into innovations and feed them back into the system with a singular focus on affordability,” Professor Jha said. 

In the next few years, Professor Jha hopes the centre will produce technologies that will ease the burden of the resource-deprived NHS.  

“While conventional wisdom says that a focus on affordability is for the poorer parts of the world, the richer parts of the world are faced with an equal gigantic crisis of costs,” Professor Jha said.

“I am excited to continue the excellent work of the School in pursuing and fostering healthy multidisciplinary collaboration not only within academia but also across industry,” Professor Jha said.

“I believe the future of all these initiatives will pave the way for novel and affordable healthcare technologies to be translated into the NHS. And I hope I can succeed in my life’s Mission 1010: to touch 10 million lives over next 10 years”