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25 June 2019

Promoting physics worldwide

David Fosu

Promoting physics worldwide

Professor Bobby Acharya
Professor Bobby Acharya

Professor Bobby Acharya, Department of Physics, was awarded the Institute of Physics’ Lawrence Bragg Medal and Prize 2018, a prestigious award for outstanding contributions, due to his work in teaching and promoting physics in the developing world.

Some of his most significant achievements include:

Particle Physics in Palestine

In 2013, Bobby started an annual course in Particle Physics at Birzeit University in the West Bank. Most of the students are female, several are now undertaking PhDs in European universities.

Physics Without Frontiers

Programmes offered include masterclasses for budding scientists and these have taken place in Algeria, Colombia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Nepal, Venezuela and Vietnam – using postdoctoral colleagues from the host countries.

The African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications

This one-month graduate summer school provides courses in fundamental physics and applications to the brightest young African physicists, with the students 100 per cent sponsored by around 30 international organisations, governments and universities. This programme takes place biannually and in a different African country each time.

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