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01 December 2020

Publication prize for winner of writing competition

Winning a political writing competition earned PhD candidate Jeevun Sandher a coveted spot on the New Statesman’s website.

Extreme poverty
Jeevun's competition entry examined extreme poverty. Picture: ALI ARIF SOYDAS/UNSPLASH

Jeevun, a member of the Department of Political Economy, saw his piece - Ending Extreme Poverty - selected as winner of the Young Fabians Political Writing Competition earlier this year by the editor-in-chief of the New Statesman, Jason Cowley.

In recognition of his efforts, Jeevun’s piece appeared on the New Statesman’s website on 27 November.

In it, Jeevun discusses the progress made in reducing extreme poverty across the globe since the birth of his father in the 1950s. But he also highlights the work that still needs to be done in areas where extreme poverty still exists and, in some cases, is growing.

COVID-19, Jeevun argues, could present an opportunity to establish and nurture stable governments in places where extreme poverty still persists.