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12 November 2018

RAdm Goldrick Addresses Students at Defence Studies

On Tuesday 6 November, The Corbett Centre organised a talk by Rear Admiral (Retd) James Goldrick of the Australian Navy for all staff and students at the Defence Academy.

RAdm Goldrick
RAdm Goldrick

On Tuesday 6 November, The Corbett Centre organised a talk by Rear Admiral (Retd) James Goldrick of the Australian Navy for all staff and students at the Defence Academy.

The lecture, entitled 'The South China Sea and the Challenges of China’s Emerging Maritime Strategy: an Australian’s perspective' analysed the forces at work and the interests involved, with a particular focus on the challenges China faces in developing a coherent maritime strategy, not only for the South China Sea, but the Indo-Pacific region as a whole.

RAdm Goldrick gave a detailed account on China’s developing naval strengths, including it's increasing consciousness of both its vulnerabilities and its opportunities at sea, which are key factors contributing to China’s efforts to dominate the South China Sea. He also discussed that while the situation may be evolving into a new status quo, the risks for regional stability remain significant. 

The Corbett Centre develops and promotes the understanding and analysis of maritime policy and strategy through the interaction of policy-makers, practitioners, academics, industry and commerce. Its aim is to provide a focus for all interested parties, stimulate debate and disseminate the outcome through publications and public comment.  The Corbett Centre draws on the expertise and wider networks of the Defence Studies Department of King’s College London.

Rear Admiral James Goldrick AO, CSC, RAN (Retired) commanded HMA Ships Cessnock and Sydney (twice), the Australian Surface Task Group and the multinational maritime interception force in the Persian Gulf in 2002 and Australia’s inter-agency Border Protection Command in 2006-2008. Other commands included the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) (twice), and the Australian Defence College (the Australian Defence Force equivalent of UK’s Defence Academy).

He was awarded a Doctorate of Letters (honoris causa) by the University of NSW in 2006. His books include: No Easy Answers: The Development of the Navies of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and Before Jutland: The Naval War in Northern European Waters August 1914-February 1915, and, with Jack McCaffrie, Navies of South-East Asia: A Comparative Study. After Jutland: The Naval War in Northern European Waters June 1916-November 1918 will be published in the UK by Seaforth Press in October 2018. Before Jutland won the Anderson Medal of the Society for Nautical Research for the best work of naval or maritime history published in 2015.