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29 January 2019

Arabian insights

RAF and army students visited War Studies to deepen their understanding of the Middle East

Professor Mike Rainsborough addresses the group
Professor Mike Rainsborough addresses the group

A group of Arabic students from the RAF and army visited the War Studies department on 23 January. 

"The purpose of the visit is to add context to their studies [of Arabic], so they understand how war is affecting the Middle East, and how their academic language skills might be put to use in future," said Sgt David Coupland of the Defence Centre for Languages and Culture, who led the group.

The students were given an introduction to War Studies by Professor Mike Rainsborough, Head of Department, visited the #MyPalestine photography exhibition at Bush House, met with Ahron Bergman, a Teaching Fellow at King's and formerly a Major in the Israeli army, and finally attended the 'Allies That Count' book launch and discussion on coalition warfare.

"The opportunity to glean information from experts here at King's to aid our military careers is a real benefit," add Sgt Coupland. Students on the Arabic course at the Defence Centre go from having no knowledge of the language to native speaker level within 18 months.

The visit underlines the Department of War Studies' mission to understand the complex realm of war, conflict and international politics and contribute to society through engagement and knowledge exchange with policymakers, industry and the general public in the UK and beyond. Read more.

See the video clip of Sgt Coupland.