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09 September 2020

Rakhee Patel attains place on competitive WHO leaders programme

The WHO programme "Healthy Ageing for Impact in the 21st Century: Global Online Leaders Training".

WHO Leaders Programme
WHO Leaders Programme

Rakhee Patel (NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow and Vivian Wohl Studentship Holder) has been successful in attaining a place on the competitive WHO leaders programme titled ‘Healthy Ageing for Impact in the 21st Century: Global Online Leaders Training". 

This programme will provide Rakhee with the building blocks to become a future leader and change agent in this critical area. It will equip her with the skills and competencies needed to develop integrated care for older adults and age-friendly environments thus supporting her to generate and drive action in the healthy ageing agenda.

The training programme is aimed at policy-makers at all levels, UN staff and civil society representatives. Participants will learn the necessary tools and skills to develop concrete responses to foster Healthy Ageing in their respective contexts. Participants will learn from experts and peers from around the world, discover new resources and evidence, and develop the competencies that will allow them to become change agents in their countries or communities as part of the Decade of Healthy Ageing.

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