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24 February 2022

Republic of Korea Ambassador Visits the IoPPN

IoPPN welcomes His Excellency, Ambassador Gunn Kim, to see research in action and discuss international collaborations.

Korean Ambassador Visits IoPPN

The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) welcomed the Republic of Korea's Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, His Excellency, Ambassador Gunn Kim, to our Denmark Hill campus on Wednesday, 16 February. He visited the Institute to learn about the breadth of research conducted here and to meet some of our researchers.

His Excellency, Ambassador Gunn Kim, and First Secretary (Science and ICT) Mr Moongi Choi started their visit at IoPPN main building. They met with Professor Ian Everall, IoPPN Executive Dean, who gave an overview of the history of research and education undertaken in IoPPN. They also heard a presentation by Professor Paola Dazzan, Vice Dean (International), who talked about the variety of international funding collaborations in the Institute, and the role they play in IoPPN’s research.

Korean Ambassador Visit IoPPN Building
Korean Ambassador Visits the Cho Lab

The visit continued to the James Black Centre, where Professor Kei Cho, Professor of Neuroscience at IoPPN and Group Leader at UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) at King’s gave a tour of the laboratories and facilities. Professor Cho’s group studies the consequences of the loss of neuronal connections in Alzheimer’s disease and collaborates closely with the Korean Brain Research Institute (KBRI)

There are currently two students, Keshvi Shah and Suji Lee, under the joint UK DRI-KBRI studentships. These early career researchers have opportunities to work in both institutes and experience the different cultures inside and outside the labs. The ambassador also met with several Korean students in IoPPN to learn about their experience studying in the UK.

I am very proud of these students, and I enjoyed talking to them. It is wonderful to see the amazing work here to find a cure for dementia. I am very optimistic that international collaborations to share resources and knowledge are the key to solving this important problem that affects us globally

His Excellency, Ambassador Gunn Kim

“It was an honour for me to introduce the history as well as the remarkable work and achievements of our institute. Education and research are integral to IoPPN – we have seen exceptional growth in our education portfolio and our research impact has made us a world-class institute”

IoPPN Executive Dean, Ian Everall

First Secretary (Science and ICT) Moongi Choi remarked “It was a wonderful opportunity for me and the ambassador to visit IoPPN in person and learn about the actual research life in the UK. I look forward to establishing more collaborations between Korea and the UK to advance medical research”

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