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30 June 2019

Research student contributes to a world-first book for endocrine nurses

A multidisciplinary team of authors hope the book will be an important resource for nurses working in endocrinology.

Textbooks viewed from above

A first year PhD student in the Faculty is one of the contributing authors of a new textbook of endocrinology for nurses. Phillip Yeoh was part of an international network of health professionals who collaborated to produce Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing, which is the first ever evidence-based, clinical reference book for endocrine nurses.

Connecting through the European Society of Endocrinology, contributors to the book came together from across healthcare disciplines and included 118 authors from 15 countries. Most of the authors were nurses, but there were also physicians, surgeons, psychologists, dieticians, clinical scientists, and geneticists in the group. Patient narratives are also included in the chapters.

We were overwhelmed by the interest we received from colleagues who wanted to contribute to this book, echoing the great need for such a resource and especially from physicians and other healthcare professionals who recognise the endocrine nurse as a vital member of the multidisciplinary team.

Phillip Yeoh, PhD student

Phillip was approached to contribute to and edit several chapters of the book, authoring a chapter himself and co-authoring two more.

Each chapter of the book includes a review of anatomy, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of different endocrine conditions supported by the latest evidence and clinical guidelines. Patient stories, case studies and good clinical practice examples are included to illustrate the impact of endocrine conditions on patients and their families, to stimulate the readers’ critical thinking and reflection and to make information in this book applicable to their clinical practice.

This book is a testament of what can be achieved when everyone works collaboratively towards the shared objective of advancing our profession and improving patient care. We developed a comprehensive evidence-based resource which we hope and trust it will assist and advise all our colleagues to ensure the best possible patient care and to raise the profile of Endocrine Nursing across the globe.

Phillip Yeoh, PhD student