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08 March 2024

Researchers from Randall win medals for outstanding research in cell biology

Dr Carlos Pardo-Pastor and Saranne Mitchell have won medals from the British Society for Cell Biology (BSCB) for their outstanding research that has provided a significant contribution to the field of cell biology within the UK and Ireland.

Randall medal winners

The British Society for Cell Biology (BSCB) have awarded their 2024 ‘Postdoctoral Researcher Medal’ Dr Carlos Pardo-Pastor (Postdoctoral Research Fellow) and their 2024 ‘BSCB PhD Award – Raff Medal’ to Saranne Mitchell (PhD student) for their outstanding contributions to cell biology research landscape.

Carlos Pardo-Pastor is a Research Fellow at the Randall Centre working in Jody Rosenblatt’s group. His research looks at the turnover (death and replacement) of epithelial cells which line the surfaces of organs, looking at the signals and mechanisms that drive this process. His most recent paper focuses on the mechanical regulation of EGFR signalling, which could help explain mechanisms of cell transformation and cancer resistance.

Recognition from peers like the members of the BSCB has a certain panache. I am very happy and for this medal and grateful for the large platform it provides to my work.

Dr Carlos Pardo-Pastor, HFSP and MSCA Research Fellow

Saranne Mitchell, who recently graduated with her PhD, was recognised for her research as a PhD student in the Randall Centre. Her work focuses on extrusion within epithelial cells – a highly conserved mechanism that is key to maintaining homeostasis via elimination. Problems with extrusion can lead to inflammation, as seen in conditions like asthma, and tumour formation. She was awarded the medal for discovering several important mechanisms that drive extrusion.

I honestly feel like I have won a gold medal at the Science Olympics for my PhD work. I have cried, sweat, broken equipment and with great teamwork and mentoring found success. To be recognized with this highly prestigious medal gives me deep pride and confidence to run my own laboratory.

Dr Saranne Mitchell, Research Associate in the Randall Centre

Both Carlos and Saranne will be awarded the Medal and give a talk about his research during the 90th Harden Conference joint BSCB/Biochemical Society co-organised meeting on cell migration, which will be held on 15-18 April 2024 in Birmingham.

For more information about the award and their work, visit the BSCB website for their announcements on Carlos Pardo-Pastor and Saranne Mitchell.

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