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06 October 2021

School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences welcomes new lecturers to Surgical & Interventional Engineering Department

Dr Pouliopoulos and Dr Granados are welcomed to the School and department


The department of Surgical & Interventional Engineering at the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences has grown its academic team with two new lecturers from Columbia University and King’s College London.

Dr Antonios Pouliopoulos who has been working as a postdoctoral research scientist and an associate research scientist in the Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging Laboratory at Columbia University in New York, will commence his new role as lecturer in Therapeutic Ultrasound in November.

I am so excited to embark on my new journey as an academic in the SIE department! My vision is to develop a new generation of non-invasive and targeted ultrasound-based interventions, in order to improve the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases. I can't wait to collaborate with everyone there!

Dr Antonios Pouliopoulos

Dr Pouliopoulos has received multiple awards and serves as a reviewer for 25 international peer-reviewed journals.

He has mentored over 80 high-school, undergraduate and graduate students in their research projects and has been involved in outreach events promoting scientific research to the community.

His research interests include targeted drug delivery using ultrasound, microbubble dynamics in ultrasound therapy, ultrasound therapy monitoring, and clinical translation of therapeutic ultrasound.

The second appointee, Dr Alejandro Granados was previously a postdoctoral researcher at University College London then at King’s College London looking into ways to improve surgical planning of neurosurgical interventions and design biomechanical models of brain tissue.

I am honoured to start as a lecturer in Surgical Data Science at King’s College London. It is a position that will allow me to improve surgical interventions from a data perspective and investigate the dynamics of soft tissue during interventions while collaborating with surgeons and biomedical engineering.

Dr Alejandro Granados

Dr Granados has investigate the real-time applications of position and pressure data and simulated the deformation of healthy and abnormal tissue under robotic-based palpation (haptics) for medical training and societal engagement.  

I am pleased to introduce to you two of our new lecturers in the Department of Surgical & Interventional Engineering, Antonios and Alejandro who will help us grow our expertise and capabilities by boosting our portfolio on low-frequency ultrasound for therapeutic interventions and surgical data science and planning.

Dr Christos Bergeles, Deputy Director of the Department for Surgical & Interventional Engineering

Dr Bergeles said Dr Pouliopoulos has contributed to extensive programmes on focused ultrasound, and looks forward to bring this expertise to our Department and boost our collaboration with theranostics researchers at our Faculty.

“Alejandro has contributed on data-driven planning for neurosurgical interventions. Alejandro joins our Departments right at the time when collaborations with surgical robotics industries are taking shape, and underpins broader desire for investment in the upcoming domain in surgical data science.”

“The lecturers will enjoy the full range of facilities of the Department of Surgical and Interventional Engineering. They will work alongside medical device experts and our in house Quality Management System and be offered infrastructure to develop algorithms and devices from concept to first-in-human evaluation in our fully kitted mock operating room.”