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17 October 2018

School wins Cancer Research UK City of London Centre with other leading London institutions

The School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences has been successful in securing a Major Centre award, creating a partnership in the Cancer Research UK City of London Centre.

Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK

As part of CRUK’s Centre network, this new Major Centre is a powerful collaborative effort that brings together leading cancer researchers from across King's, UCL, QMUL and The Francis Crick Institute, to form a centre of excellence in cancer biotherapeutics.

By uniting our multidisciplinary academic and clinical expertise across the partnership, we will not only significantly impact on the development of biotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer but revolutionise the way cancer research is conducted in London.

The CRUK City of London Centre will become a CRUK-wide focus for the development, manufacture and precision application of biological therapies. The Centre will:

Bring together over 350 cancer researchers at the partner universities and at the Crick Institute, their associated cancer clinician partner Trusts network serving a population base of >10 million, and their national and international research networks.

Work together across disciplines through our expanded referral base, using meticulously phenotyped cohorts to accelerate clinical trials and outcomes research for cancers of unmet need in adults and children, capitalising on our scale to capture tumours with rarer phenotypes.

Stimulate research on paediatric malignancy focusing on reducing toxicity and laying the foundations for a Paediatric Cancer Centre of Excellence.

Train, mentor and equip the next generation of physician and basic scientists with cross-disciplinary and biotherapeutics skills, by embedding the Crick training programme within the Major Centre.

Drive a £1.47billion programme of capital investment across the Centre partners.

Catalyse new recruitment, supported by partners’ commitments of approximately £40million over the next five years, reflecting an integrated and enhanced scientific and clinical environment.

Attract commercial investment in our biotherapeutics pipeline for first-in-human and proof-of-concept studies.

Sustain cancer research by coordinating strategic priorities across the BRCs, AHSCs, AHSNs, attracting further investment from the NIHR and other health funding bodies.

Promote the visibility of cancer research across the partnership, facilitating further fundraising for the Centre, in partnership with CRUK.