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11 June 2018

Science Gallery London's Young Leaders speak at City Hall

Young leaders from King's Science Gallery London spoke at the Mayor of London's Young Londoner's Participation Network at City Hall.

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Young leaders from King's Science Gallery London spoke at the Mayor of London’s Young Londoner's Participation Network at City Hall on 11 June. At the event culture and integration were the main focus, two subjects close to the heart of Young Leaders, Dharyl Usina and Angela Wereko Anderson.

At the event Dharyl shared his experience as a migrant, from Ecuador to Spain aged 3, and later from Spain to the UK aged 13. Dharyl spoke about how being introduced to new creative and cultural approaches allowed him to find his passion for design and fashion, through which he was able to identify positive social and historical differences between the two cultures, rather than those rooted in conflict. He shared his vision that Science Gallery London at King's – in its interdisciplinary nature – can 'transcend demographics such as culture or gender to bring voices together in harmony'.

Angela also spoke at the event, talking about her experience as a young black woman in London who is deeply engaged with culture and art. She said that she was recently asked why art galleries need to change, but that the question should be, 'how, as there is no question of why when viewed through the lens of diversity and cultural representation in London today.'

Angela referenced the work of curator and writer Rianna Jade Parker, and how the exhibitions she curates on Black history should be given the freedom to go beyond the historical and instead represent what it means to be a black person today. She called for contemporary art such as Hamed Maiye’s movement ‘Afro- Portraitism’ to be given the same platform as an artist as Picasso is today.

Angela went on to share her hopes that the programme at Science Gallery London presents the opportunity to collaborate with individuals such as Rianna, to create new and exciting projects at the intersection of cutting-edge scientific research and future-facing art.