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15 September 2022

Self-neglect and hoarding behaviour study reports back to study site

Nicole Steils discusses findings with Safeguarding Adults Board

Image of part of cover of new report by Martineau et al 2021 Social care responses to self-neglect

Research Fellow Nicole Steils presented findings from a study on social care and service responses to self-neglect and hoarding behaviour among older people – “What works in practice?” – at a Safeguarding Adults Board meeting. Eighteen senior managers from agencies and organisations represented on the Safeguarding Adults Board attended the presentation. The Board was involved in the study as a case study site and the team will keep in discussions with an aim to inform and improve local services.

The study, funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research, has been led in its later stages by Nicole who, in May 2022, lead-authored an international evidence review on hoarding behaviour. See the project page for all our publications thus far.

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