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27 September 2018

The King's Sierra Leone Partnership

David Fosu

Established in 2013 to build the capacity of key institutions in Sierra Leone

King's Sierra Leone Partnership
King's Sierra Leone Partnership

The King’s Sierra Leone Partnership (KSLP) was established in 2013 to build the capacity of key institutions in Sierra Leone, including the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Connaught Hospital and The College of Medicine and Allied Health Services (COMAHS), and of individual health workers.

Since 2013, KSLP and its partners have completed a range of projects improving health outcomes and maintaining essential health services, including:

• Establishing an emergency department with a triage system in Connaught Hospital.

• Refurbishing the country’s first oxygen factory, leading to a reduction of mortality rates in Connaught Hospital’s intensive care unit by 20 per cent.

• Contributing to the development, implementation and roll out of new national HIV guidelines.

• Spearheading a model of rapidly establishing Ebola isolation facilities at Connaught Hospital and five other secondary sites in the urban Western Area.

The six units supported through our partnership managed over 14 per cent of all Ebola cases in Sierra Leone (and over 40 per cent of those in Freetown), for less than one per cent of all UK expenditure on the crisis.

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